Game Recap 6/18/12: Vanity Start

I know that I’ve been building up Jerome the last few previews, and coincidentally since I started talking him up he’s been having some rather unlucky starts. Unlike his start against the Dodgers, he actually seems to have a decent reason for having a less than stellar start today.

Jerome Williams was taken to the hospital after his start, experiencing shortness of breath. There’s a good chance this had an impact on his start today, it seems like if he went out to the mound in bad health today it was a start made in vain.

Giants 5 Angels 3 

Williams short start today was plagued by walks, giving 3 walks in only 3 innings of work. The bullpen ate up the majority of the innings today tonight, Takahashi taking the brunt of the work, and while on paper the odds seem infinitely stacked against the Angels they still managed to keep themselves in the game the whole way through. Like it or not there’s a little silver lining for you sore sallys who got all worked up over another Angels defeat, which dropped them back ANOTHER game in the standings. Just when the Angels get themselves within striking distance of the Rangers they fall fail to close it out and fall back again and again. 

What a nice little cycle they’ve become accustomed too huh? 

The offense came up short again, or I should say again and again, and again, and again. Sixteen total men were left on base today, the hardest of them being a Pujols bases loaded groundout with 2 outs. Trumbo also left 3 men on base, but seeing as how his name isn’t Pujols and people have been so eager to lay some offensive blame on Pujols whenever the offense falls short we can just go ahead and ignore Trumbo. He is the wonder child after all.

Halo A-Hole 

ervin santana 

With Cain rolling up today all Mr. Big and Bad I can throw a perfect game and have a ridiculous winning streak that can’t be beat I just can’t help but be a little irritated that he couldn’t come through on his near perfecto. 

It would be nice if we could come into some history a little now and again. Not including Jered Weaver’s no-hitter.

Hey don’t go sighing and groaning at me, if you guys get to be irritated up the yoo-hoo about this teams shortcomings I can nitpick here and there too.