Game Recap 6/2/12 — Walking a Tightrope — Angels 3 Rangers 2

Tonight’s giveaway should have been oxygen tanks rather than those ridiculous cowboy hats. Seems like the whole game was one high pressure moment after another and the end result is the Angel’s winning and climbing to the once unthought reaches of two games over .500. So let’s all take a deep breath and look back and what we have learned.

Angels 3 Rangers 2

Game Notes

— Going to have to keep these short since I only saw the last couple of innings (Damn you Dish Network for blacking this out)
— CJ Wilson was apparently good enough to keep the Angels in it but he needed a heap of double plays to keep it close so I guess he might not have been as sharp as he would have liked.
— Erick Aybar is the single most frustrating player on this team. He makes great plays and boneheaded ones, usually in the same game. He got the ball rolling with a nice bunt single. Later in the game he nearly threw the ball away in the ninth that would have tied the game. My head hurts…
— Sorry Yorvit, Mike Trout will always get that call. His legendary speed gives him the benefit of the doubt.
— Jordan Walden’s rehab as a reliable reliever is back on life support. Color me concerned.

Halo Hero

Okay so Ernasty proved he may be human after giving up a hit. But he did what needed to be done by getting Josh Hamilton with the bases loaded on three pitches. Scioscia may very well work him into the ground, but for now we are all lucky he’s back there to bail his buddies out.