Game Recap 6/24/12: Trambopoline – Angels 5, Dodgers 3

From what I heard, today sounded like a fun and interesting game.  However, all I did was hear it.  Seldom ever do I miss a Freeway Series game, but today my fatherly duties beckoned, leaving me with task of putting together a trampoline to surprise my daughter for her third birthday.  But fret not, I was still able to listen to the game over the radio feed (the Dodgers one so I could hear Vin Scully).

In the 1st inning I learned that there was a “high sky” and that sky resulted in a few “sun singles.”  These are sayings that only Vin Scully can utter and not sound like an utter tool.

In the 2nd inning I learned that instant replay may not be necessary after all.  Peter Bourjos had a clear fair ball that the umpire botched and called foul.  Instead of a double, Speedy Petey got back in the box and launched a two–run jimmy jack.

In the 3rd inning I learned that the stupid T-joints that attach the legs to the frame are really freaking difficult to close.  Like REALLY hard.  This is going to take forever.

In the 4th inning I learned that I probably should have picked up the dog poop in my yard before I started this project.

In the 5th inning I learned that Vin Scully hands the mic over to Gary Thorne.  This is not a good thing.  I have nothing against Gary Thorne, but he ends up repeating a lot of the same facts and notes that Scully used during his segment and he just isn’t as good as Scully is at rattling them off in an interesting way.

In the 6th inning I learned that after his second extra-bae hit of the game, I might need to re-start the Free Peter Bourjos campaign.

In the 7th inning I learned that this game might need to go extra innings because I miscounted and hooked up some of the mat springs one hole over from where they were supposed to attach.  I’m not very good at putting stuff together, but I already knew that.

In the 8th inning I learned that Kevin Youkilis will get to wear a different colored pair of sox.

In the 9th inning I learned what we all had been suspecting, the Angels are officially better than the Dodgers this season… again.

Angels 5, Dodgers 3

Game Notes

  • Not a tremendous outing for Garrett Richards, but still plenty good for a rookie.  It was very encouraging to see that he bounced back so well after giving up runs and looking hittable early.  Then again, if you take Andre Ethier out of the Dodger lineup and it is an absolute joke.  This is something of a trend for Richards who has made four starts against largely lame lineups.  He could be good, but let’s see what he can do when he has to pick on someone his own side.
  • Again, I didn’t actually see it, so maybe I’m off-base, but I think Mike Scioscia actually lost his cool and got ejected in a rarity.  Normally his ejections seem to be strategic, but when he got tossed on the call at third base, I don’t think that was the case.  There just wasn’t any advantage to be gained there.  He wasn’t going to fire up the players.  He wasn’t going to win over the umpires or convince them to pull their heads out of their butts.  Maybe he would get the crowd going, but mostly I think he was just brassed off that the umpires blew another call.

Halo Hero

Monkey trampoline

ME!!!!!  I successfully put the trampoline together and will soon have one very happy little girl.  However, I reserve the right to backdate this award and give it to Peter Bourjos should the trampoline collapse on itself and send my daughter to the emergency room.  It is a 50/50 proposition at this point.

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