Game Recap 6/26/12: Mr.Overrated – Angels 7 Orioles 3

Looks like “Mr. Overrated” C.J Wilson is making it his personal mission to decimate every single player who voted him as most overrated starting pitcher, and since we can’t really know who voted for him since these things are “anonymous” he’s just gone ahead and decided to slice through every player in the league. Blind fury is what C.J Wilson has been pushed to, and with another ballgame in which Wilson has gone 7 innings with only 1 run allowed it looks like Wilson’s fury getting hotter than ever.

Think these guys are just about ready to take those votes back?

Angels 7 Orioles 3 

My best guess as to why Wilson was voted as most overrated was only because of his terrible postseason series last year in which he effectively choked and pretty much killed the Rangers in the playoffs, which all of us here in the beautiful land of Orange County thank him for. Wilson is still having himself a remarkable career, and he’s just going to keep getting better and better. The fact that he spent the vast majority of his career as a reliever means he has much more gas in his career tank than most, if not all, starting pitchers in the league. His longevity is going to be ridiculous, he’ll probably outlive the contract he currently has with the Angels by a mile, though if he can keep improving 3-4 years into the contract I wouldn’t be surprised to see a contract extension happen.

Game Recap

  • I gotta say, if I’m Mike Scioscia I’d be a little nervous with the way I handle the lineup over the next few weeks. It looks like Peter Bourjos has really gotten his swing together, and the surprising pop that he has in his bat has made a surprising return, funny enough. Back to back home run games have given Bourjos a good shot at keeping his bat in the lineup, which would most likely mean Kendrys loses playing time. Morales has been very iffy so far this season, and it’s not like he’s adding any value to this ballclub defensively. It’s really a question of whether you prefer a potential big bat in the lineup each game or a for sure supreme glove in the outfield. Since this is a ballclub that thrives on defense I’d prefer to have Bourjos added to the outfield with Trout and Hunter to make it the best outfield in the game, hands down. Plus, it’s not like we’re missing out on a big time bat with Kendrys out of the lineup now that we have Trumbo and Pujols mashing like crazy.
  • The only thing tastier than the fact that Trumbo and Pujols went yard today was that sweet little segue I had back there. The home run race between the two biggest sluggers in the league continues, much to my personal joy, though I’d like to see Pujols go on a crazy tear to at least close the gap between his home run differential with Trumbo. Yeah the big guys went yard and had big offensive games, no biggie, don’t wanna skimp out on any praise that Hester deserves as well for his big game. At lot of people, for some strange reason, really ride Hester’s hitting ability, which shocks me because he has one of the better bats that the Angels have seen in a long long time. His 3 hit game has brought his average up to .281, which some incredibly consistent hitting for any catcher wearing Angels gear. This guy deserves to keep the starting job at least until Ianetta comes back, he’ll probably get sent down in favor of Bobby Wilson which makes absolutely no sense, so prepare to see me raging once that move is made.
  • Excuse me for that giant block of text right there, it’s tough to sum up all the happenings of this game when so many things have happened. I’d spend some time talking about Wilson and his great pitching effort tonight, even if he did face some big control issues late in the game that got him into some jams that he (not surprisingly) was able to get out of. Another great job by Wilson. 
  • Wait, what is this, a game recap where I don’t spend the whole time swooning over Mike Trout and his out of this world abilities. Even a mediocre start by Mike Trout is a solid game for any other player. 1-5 with a double and a run scored which put the Angels on top early is the only effort Mike Trout needed to expend to seal this game away. 

Notable offensive performances: Everyone. Literally everyone. Even Kendrick and Aybar. Please don’t make me type all of them out.

Halo Hero 


Just another game in which Wilson shoves his foot deeper down the throats off all those who falsely soil this mans good name. Don’t think those cries of overrated apply to this guy anymore huh? Ehh who are we kidding, according the media any Angel who isn’t Weaver, Trout or Trumbo is overrated.