Game Recap 6/27/12: It’s a Trout thing – Angels 13, Orioles 1

Another four-hit night, and nobody puts the “t” in “team win” like Trouty. 

Angels 13, Orioles 1 

Before I fawn over the Angels offense this evening, let’s acknowledge Jered Weaver’s performance on the mound. Holding any team to one run is always a great feat for a pitcher, no matter the team. In his second appearance since coming off of the the disabled list, Weaver wasn’t looking his strongest, but he got the job done. When Weaver isn’t looking his strongest, that translates to: was throwing like your average pitcher. If it weren’t for Weaver holding it down on the mound, this win wouldn’t be the same. 

Tonight’s win was a team win in every sense. The defense was present, as was the offense. Hitting is known to be contagious and everyone caught whatever sort of flu the Angels had tonight. The Angels have hit two season highs in the past two days, tonight’s being a season high of 13 runs. If you take a look at the box score, everyone did something of significance. Even Bobby Wilson. These are the types of games that the Halos need to be playing. 13 runs may be a bit much to ask for every game, but I wouldn’t mind six or more. 

I won’t continue to state the obvious in that this was a team win, but I will get around to talking about a certain Mike Trout.

I don’t believe that Trout is actually a human being. He is some sort of supernatural, superhuman, super…something. This kid is unreal. Our flying fish robs a home run, steals, and goes 4-6 with 1 RBI and a current batting average of .344. As a writer, it’s hard to reach the point of being at a loss for words, but Trout has me absolutely speechless. It’s a Trout thing. 

The Angels have now taken the lead in the AL Wild Card. Fans, revel. Revel in this small victory because we all know that in April, none of us knew where this season would take us. Being a couple of weeks away from the All Star Game, this is a good place to be. As the Angels head to Toronto, hopefully they recognize that the top is a great place to stay.

The view is much better from up here.