Game Recap 6/4/12: Touched Up – Mariners 8 Angels 6

Santana had yet another pathetic start.

Just as I foretold.

Vargas pitched well enough for a W.

Just as I prophesied.

The Angels were embarassed by the Mariners.

Just as we all expected.

Mariners 6 Angels 8

Game Recap

  • So Santana got roughed up again, or I should say he beat himself down with the walks, once again. 7 runs and 6 walks in less than 5 IP, this is really nothing new to see here guys. Maybe once Weaver comes back Richards will take Santana’s rotation spot if Richards can prove he deserves it. Moving on now.
  • Even when the Angels lose Mike Trout still shines. 4 hits in 4 AB’s, with one double and two RBI’s, essentially give Mike Trout the player of the game pity award. Well it’s really a toss up between him and Kendrys Morales, who homered twice in this game (both for solo shots) from the right side. Getting hits off of righties for Kendrys? This is a new and quite novel concept. Almost as novel as his first two XBH’s from the right side being home runs. Gee Willikers guys, you think this might have anything to do with the new hitting coach actually helping out with the players swings? Nah, that can’t be it. We all know how much influences hitting coaches don’t have on their players as many Mickey Hatcher loyal fans would tell you.
  • Mark Trumbo struck out four times today. Yep. Just wanted to make sure you all caught that. He is pretty human after all.
  • Oh hey, remember how it was Scioscia’s 2,000th game as manager of the Angels? Probably would have remember more vividly if you could associate that with a win. A win that was pretty much guaranteed with the Mariners being in town. Thanks for that one guys. Appreciate it.

Notable offensive performances: M.Trout 4-4 2RBI’s, M.Izturis 2-5 1RBI 1K, A.Pujols 0-3 1RBI 1BB, M.Trumbo 0-5 4K’s, K.Morales 2-5 2R 2RBI’s 2HR’s 2K’s, T.Hunter 1-3 1R 1BB 2K, H.Kendrick 1-4 1R 2K’s, E.Aybar 1-3 1R 1BB 1K, B.Wison 0-0 (pulled from game), J.Hester PH-C 1-3 1BB 1K

Halo Hero

Mike Scioscia 

Halo Hero?? What???

But you’ve forgotten that Mike Scioscia has now managed 2,000 games with the Angels! This is the man that has brought a pennant and a World Series title to Anaheim, as well as multiple division titles. Scioscia, along with Arte Moreno, brought success and popularity to the Angels, concepts that were foreign to this franchise before his rule as manager.

Even with the Angels loss today that is no reason to overlook the many accomplishments of this great manager, arguably one of the greatest of the past decade and possibly of all time. Undisputedly the best manager the Angels have ever had. Congrats on 2,000 from this fanbase, and I can’t wait to see you at 3,000.