Game Recap 6/9/12 — It’s All Starting To Come Together — Angels 11 Rockies 5

I don’t know about you but this Angels team has been something of an enigma all year. Are they a power hitting team? Are they a pitching and defense squad? What on earth drives this team and how will we know it when we see it? Today I think we finally figured it out. This is Mike Trout’s team. He is driving the engine and the rest of the boys are along for the ride.

Angels 11 Rockies 5

Game Notes

— Dan Haren was not very good today. Don’t be fooled by the win, he had a ton of trouble finishing hitters off and ended up only going 5 1/3 innings. I surmized in the preview that he had to get going and it would appear that will have to wait for a little longer.
— Albert Pujols is now over .250 with his batting average and had another 2 run blast to boot. It’s interesting that as Pujols has retreated back in the national spotlight he has started to rake.
— Torii Hunter seems to really like the 2 hole. That or he really likes Coors Field. Either way, Torii is hitting and that is a good thing.
— It was nice to see the Halos race around the base paths like it was 2002. Howie Kendrick even got into the swing of things with three hits and a stolen base.

Halo Hero

It’s not supposed to be this easy right? A 20 year old is not supposed to make grown men look out of their depth. We all hoped Mike Trout would be good (or at least not suck as much as Brandon Woon or Dallas Macpherson). I don’t think any of us had any notion he would be doing the things he is doing. He has morphed into arguably the best leadoff hitter in baseball in slightly over a month. What’s scary is he may get better. It’s all starting to happen and we get a front row seat.