Game Recap 7/1/12: That Canada guy is a jerk – Angels 10, Blue Jays 6

To think, I used to think Canadians were such a nice, calm, polite people.  OK, maybe they are, but that one Canada guy (no, not that one, the other… no, the other other one) had to go and try and decapitate John Hester.

Lawrie-Hester collission

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That “Canada” guy is actually Brett Lawrie, who already has a rep for being a giant jerk and this will not help.  I’m all for playing hard, but there was no excuse for what he did on this play.  Replays clearly show that Lawrie easily could have taken the plate on a slide without any contact with the catcher, but he intentionally opted to not only crash into the catcher but also throw a forearm shiver to Hester’s face in the process.  Maybe I am overreacting because of the recency, but that was the dirtiest play I have seen all season long.

Of course, it wouldn’t have even happened if Howie Kendrick had fielded the grounder that started the play and/or not lazily tossed the ball back to second base instead of paying attention to the runner, but that really isn’t the point.

If there is a consolation here, it is that the Angels came out looking like choir boys.  First, Hester shook off the hit and then did a fantastic job blocking the plate later in the inning.  Second, the Angels took the high road and did not throw at Lawrie in his two subsequent at-bats (though I can’t prove my theory that Walden tried to hit Lawrie but his control is so bad that he missed by seven feet).  Third, and most importantly, the Halo bats woke up after the play and stepped on Toronto’s throat with a few homers.

Message received and no international incident needed.

Angels 10, Blue Jays 6

Game Notes

  • Speaking of Walden, I think we just need to start calling him the Schizo Reliever.  In one inning he walks two batters and gives up a huge three-run bomb but also makes J.P Arencibia and Jose Bautista look silly, striking them out with nasty sliders.
  • When did Alberto Callaspo turn into a slugger?  Seriously, what’s going on with him.  He is making me rethink my desire for the Halos to replace him with Chase Headley.
  • I really can’t wait for the Angels to get out of Toronto.  Something about that artificial turf makes them kick the ball around like Little Leaguers.  However, I’m not sure what caused Torii Hunter to throw the ball to first base while nobody was covering it.

Halo Hero

John Hester

Other guys had better lines in the box score, but Hester gets the award for manning up, taking the hit, holding onto the ball and then stepping up to do the same damn thing a few batters later.  Man points.

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