Game Recap 7/14/12 — Leave Them All Behind — Angels 3 Yankees 5

One of the themes for the Angel offense this season is that, from time to time, they fall into a funk and leave a bunch of men on base. When the offense is clicking, it’s a sight to see. But when it stalls, like today, it can be a frustrating watch. The Halos left a small village on the basepaths today en route to a second straight loss in the Bronx and fourth in a row on the road. Not the way to start the second half of the season.

Angels 3 Yankees 5

Game Notes
— Mike Trout is a hell of a player. Another three hit game along with two stolen bases. You would think I would tire of talking about his greatness, but I haven’t.
— Albert Pujols and Kendrys Morales were the primary culprits in the construction of the traffic jam around the bases. The two went 0-7 with 7 LOB. Not what you want from your power bats.
— Not only did the Angels play a less than inspired game, but the Yankees tried to hand it to them. With the exception of Robinson Cano, who is really good, the rest of that line-up isn’t as fiersome as you would think. But it helps to have four men in black helping you out whenever possible.

Halo A Hole

It’s hard to bang on Jerome Williams given that he was just coming off the DL with a major breathing issue, but he looked every bit the fifth starter today. Williams was constantly behind in the count and as a result he could never get a hold on the game. Four of the runs he allowed were with two outs and, as a result, Williams is left with a .500 record and the Angels with more pitching issues.