Game Recap 7/18/12: Bump in the road – Tigers 7, Angels 2

When you hit your spots, you hit your spots. And the Angels hit nothing but a bump in the road.

Tigers 7, Angels 2

The Angels’ offense came to play against a young Josh Turner just yesterday, but tonight, the Angels bats were not quite as lively.

Doug Fister was on his A-game this evening against the Halos, sans the mistake he threw to Albert Pujols in the top of the first inning. But from then on out, he was dialed in.

A great deal of the struggle came from starter C.J. Wilson. Being one of the few starters the Angels can count on in their rotation, tonight wasn’t his night against the Tigers. He struggled with his command and allowed the Tigers to get those key hits with runners on base.

This game has sparked conversation regarding help in the Angels’ starting rotation, and as the trade deadline nears, I hope that the Angels have something up their sleeves. 

This game was simply a bump in the road. We’ve all seen how they’re capable of playing.

Momentum momentum momentum.