Game Recap 7/27/12 — Christmas in July — Angels 3 Rays 1

Have you ever experienced the sensation of finding a present under the Christmas tree with your name on it after all the other presents have been handed out? Something tucked away in a corner so no one saw it. All of a sudden you get that rush of Christmas morning back again but with the added euphoria of the unexpected. That’s what tonight’s game was like. With the news that the Angels had aquired Zack Grienke earlier in the day, the game itself seemd like an afterthought. But Dan Haren’s performance changed that. If Haren has truly returned to form, Angel fans are in for Christmas style joy at least four of every five games. Hallelujah!!

Angels 3 Rays 1

Game Notes
— I now subscrbe to the idea that Albert Pujols has benefitted more from Mike Trout’s arrival than any other player. The Trout Phemon parade has taken the spotlight off Albert and all he has to do is go out and hit. And, man, has he been hitting. Another three hit game and his average now at .282. If we can get him to stop trying to steal bases, it is all golden for Pujols.
— Don’t look now, but the bullpen is back. Kevin Jepsen has become a reliable seventh inning option (I never thought I would write such a wild statement, but it’s true.) Scott Downs and Ernesto Frieri seemed to have overcome their hiccups. Woe to any team trailing the Angels late in a game.

Halo Hero

Dan Haren is back!! At the beginning of the season I argued he might be a sleeper Cy Young Candidate. Well, clearly that won’t happen, but what his performance tonight did do was ensure the Angels have the best rotation in baseball. Time will tell if this is the real Danny Boy, but if it is then the sky is the limit for the Halos.