Game Recap 7/29/12: Worst welcome wagon ever – Rays 2, Angels 0

To borrow the immortal words of the Comic Buy Guy from The Simpsons:


Welcome Wagon.


Here are the Angels trying to show off their shiny new pitching acquisition, but so caught up were they in the glory of Dipoto’s aggressive trade, that they done went and forgot how to score runs again.  D’oh!

And in so doing, the Halos bats spoiled the new guy’s 19-game home winning streak.  That seems like a pretty poor way to show your appreciation and an ever worse way to convince said new guy to sign a long-term extension with the team before he hits free agency.  That is assuming he really cares about the winning streak, which I am sure he does on some level.

Not to take way from what Zack did with the Brewers, but pitcher wins are kind of a horse puckey stat anyway.  I mean, it isn’t like Greinke did anything wrong in this game to deserve the loss.  He actually pitched very well, or should I say, he pitched exactly like the ace-ish pitcher the Halos thought they were getting when they traded from him.  It isn’t his fault the Angels were playing half of their junior varisty lineup and thus couldn’t plate any runs.

I would also go so far as to question whether or not the streak would’ve still been valid had Greinke gotten the win.  After all, Angel Stadium has been his “home field” for less than 72 hours at that point.  Oh well, he can go ahead and start a new semi-meaningless streak next time out.

Rays 2, Angels 0

Game Notes

  • Vernon Wells drew another start today and once again he looked positively awful.  Nothing has changed with him, he still stinks.  That being said, I get why the Halos gave him two starts.  They want to move him and the only way that was going to happen was if he got on the field for some games so scouts could give him a once over.  I can’t imagine the scouts saw anything in those two games to make them even consider trading the loose change in between their couch cushions for Vernon.
  • I forgot how much I missed Chris Iannetta.  In his first game back, he came up with a hit, just missed a homer and even threw out a basestealer.  Having an actual MLB-caliber backstop is something I can see myself getting used to.
  • Am I the only one that pooped my pants a tiny bit when Greinke did a backwards somersault down the mound on that comebacker?  Wouldn’t that have been the most Angels thing ever to swing a huge trade and then have the guy get hirt in his first game on an innocuous play?

Halo A-Hole

Albert Pujols

Hitting into a game-ending double play is one thing, to do it when you have Fernando Rodney on the ropes is quite another.  Shame on you, Albert.

Garrett Wilson

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