Game Recap 7/7/12 — Aced the Midterm — Angels 3 Orioles 0

The level of excellence that Jered Weaver is exhibiting is bordering on the ridiculous. I know Justin Verlander gets all the publicity as the best pitcher alive right now, but for my money, nobody beats Weaver. Sensing his team needed a shut down performance to give an overworked bullpen some rest, Jered went to work and shut the Orioles down. He threw striked and got timely outs whenever there was a whiff of trouble. Just an ACE is supposed to.

Angels 3 Orioles 0

Game Notes

— Gonna have to wing this one since the game was once again blacked out.
— Bobby Wilson apparently played like an actual baseball player tonight. 2 for 2 with a walk, threw a runner out trying to steal, and called a great game for Weaver. Too bad he only does this like once every three months.
— How much would it suck to be Scott Downs? All he ever does is come in and get guys out, yet he gets no attention for it. Yes, Ernasty has been awesome, but how ’bout we give some love to the lefty side of the dynamic pen duo?
— Mike Trout is crazy fast. The fact that he can score from first on a sharp double down the line is really awe inspiring. This is not news, merely an FYI.

Halo Hero

Jered Weaver is too good for words. That is all…