Game Recap 7/8/2012: Our Turn – Angels 6, Orioles 0

How does it feel, rest of baseball?  Finally, the Angels are on the positive end of having an unknown starter come in and baffle the lineup based sheerly on being an unknown quantity.

What I really can’t wait for is everyone to start clamoring for Mills to immediately be crowned as a full-time member of the rotation.  Because I was just thinking that the Angels really need a soft-tossing lefty that lives up in the zone.  Let’s just say that probably isn’t a recipe for prolonged success.  Once teams figure out how to decipher his all knees and elbows delivery, he is going to be in a lot of trouble.  But the important thing is that it was good enough for one day and that is all the Angels really needed.  Maybe he can even do it again, but let’s hope he won’t have to.

Angels 6, Orioles 0

Game Notes

  • The Angels don’t always win, but when they do, they prefer not to let the opposing team score.
  • Six hits, six runs.  That, my friends, is a some pretty darn good efficiency.  Hitting four home runs definitely helps (thanks day game lack of marine layer!), which is what actually makes this team so scary.  They won last night by manufacturing all their runs with aggressive base-running and situational hitting, then they come out today and just bash their way past the O’s.  This lineup is never going to be on par with that of Texas, but now that they have more than one way to score, their offensive droughts should be far less frequent and far less lengthy.
  • Being three games back of Texas going into the break feels pretty good, I have to admit.  That is a sentence that I would be writing if the Twins hadn’t just blown a three-run lead in the ninth inning.  Stupid Twins.

Halo Hero

Brad Mills

What will science discover first: the Higgs boson or how Mills can contort his body that way?

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