Game Recap 8/28/12: It all counts – Angels 6, Red Sox 5

For a while, it looked like Jered Weaver was well on his way to his third loss in a row at home. That would have been the first occurrence of its kind in Weaver's career. 

Don't fret. I won't dwell on what could have been a disaster.

Tonight's walk-off victory was exactly what the Angels needed to begin this short, 3-game homestand against the Red Sox.

Let's be honest, who doesn't like to kick a team while they're down? 

Angels 6, Red Sox 5

Game Notes: 

– Mike Trout. "The Natural." I thought I'd eventually reach the point of expecting Trout to perform at an MVP level every game, but no matter what I do, his talent is unpredictable and I can't bring myself to take it for granted. Trout started the game off with his 25th big fly of the season, giving his team an immediate lead. He then made his mark on the 9th inning with a base hit to tie the game. It's safe to say that his dry spell in Detroit is a thing of the past. 

– Albert Pujols returned from the DL today as the DH in the Angels' line up. He welcomed himself back with his 29th home run of the season. I'm still laughing at everyone who thought Pujols wasn't going to recover from his early drought. Still. Laughing. 

– Torii Hunter hit a walk-off, sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 9th inning to get the Halos back on track in their pursuit of the postseason. Thank you, Mr. Hunter. We needed that. 

Halo Hero: 


At this point in the season, every win counts. Especially with the position the Angels are in right now. Although the AL West has gotten away from the Halos, the AL Wild Card is within reach. It all counts. Every pitch, every out, every run. 

It all counts.