Game Recap 8/29/12: PMA, back in action – Angels 10, Red Sox 3

As much as the Angels need every win from here on out, tonight was about getting that win for C.J. Wilson. 

Prior to tonight's game, Wilson had gone 11 consecutive starts without earning a win (last on June 26.) It seemed the power of PMA was losing its luster. 

Tonight, Wilson was able to walk into the dugout after six innings with a seven run lead, leaving his potential win in the hands of the bullpen (I know, I know. I'd be scared, too.) 

With the help of Jordan Walden, Jason Isringhausen and Jerome Williams, C.J. Wilson earned his 10th win of the season. 

And the offense. Oh, the beautiful offense. 

Angels 10, Red Sox 3

Game Notes: 

– I wouldn't exactly say Wilson was dialed in tonight, but he was doing enough to keep the Red Sox at bay. The Angels offense helped him out tremendously and gave him all of the breathing room he needed to work out the kinks, little by little. Wilson went 6 innings with 4 K, 8 H, 2 BB, and 3 ER. Taking his last few outings into account, these numbers are beautiful. 

– Torii Hunter had an incredible night at the plate.  3-4 with two doubles and two RBIs isn't half bad, if I do say so myself. There's no way he isn't finishing his career in Anaheim. 

– Tonight's firework show was brought to you by Kendrys Morales and Chris Iannetta. In his first at bat of the game, Morales hit a shot into the RF seats, and it was history. There was no question about it. This is the type of power everyone knows Morales has, and the power we wish was on display more often.

– Something tells me that Iannetta loves to go on an offensive tear every Wednesday. Why, you ask? He knows that I write recaps on Wednesdays and will gush over having a catcher who can hit for power like he can. You've done it again, Mr. Iannetta. 

– Mark Trumbo went 0-4, with a walk tonight. It's clear that he hasn't been the same Trumbo since he came off of the DL, but I'm not worried. He'll come around. It's Mark Trumbo, for goodness' sake. 

– The Angels scored nine runs in the first three innings of tonight's game. Talk about jumping on your opponent early. During those first three innings, the Angels put their lead off man on base each time. Seems to be effective. Keep doing it. 

Halo Hero:

I know that the Angels offense was the major contributor in tonight's victory, but C.J. hasn't been a Halo Hero since, well, it's been a while. He earned this one. PMA is back in action. 

I bought a broom for tomorrow…and I'm not using it to sweep my kitchen.