Game Recap 8/11/12 — EVERYBODY PANIC!!! — Angels 4 Mariners 7

I know that I’m supposed to be an objective reporter of the games I cover. I’m supposed to assess the situation rationally and try to take the fanatic aspect of my recaps. SCREW THAT…I’m freaking out over here. What the hell is going on with this team? Can someone please explain how a collection of highly paid ballplayers can deliver such a heaping pile of dung on the field? I know they say they care but would it kill them to actually so it? Ugh, I need to drown my head in a tub of battery acid…or maybe some peaceful meditation (calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, I’m floating on a calm, blue ocean).

Nope, didn’t help.

Angels 4 Mariners 7

Game Notes
— First the good. Mike Trout made another ridiculous home run robbing catch. The best part was the awe shucks, kind of cocky look he gives after making the play. God, I love this kid.
— It would be easy to get excited about Vernon Wells going 3-3 with a home run, but as we have all learned, these types of games happen just enough to keep getting him playing time. It’s not a consistent occurance so I choose to feel bad that he will inevitably get at least three starts next week.
It’s worth watching but Albert Pujols might be cooling off a bit. That would be a real problem if it lasts for any stretch of time. Stay Tuned.

Halo A Hole
Get a haircut you hippy!!! Maybe that might get you out of the funk you find yourself in. Man, did Dan Haren stink tonight. The sad thing is that he still may be our second best starter. Gonna need some more meditation time to get over that little nugget of despair.