Game Recap 8/1/12: Ouch – Rangers 11, Angels 10

Did that game give anyone else chest pains? 

Rangers 11, Angels 10 

I’m going start on a positive note because I’m still feeling a little bit of PMA after the last two wins. The Angels’ offense is here. There are still a few rough patches in the line-up, but that’s the case with every team. The fact that the Angels have given their starting pitchers necessary run support against the Texas Rangers these last three games is huge. It’s something that you wouldn’t have expected from this team a couple of months ago. It’s nice to finally see the Halos reach their potential at the plate.

The pitching. Oh the pitching. The inability to feel confident in 2/5 of a starting rotation is frustrating. Not to mention scary… And when there is no confidence in a starting pitcher OR the bullpen? That’s a disaster waiting to happen. So, tonight. It’s a tonight waiting to happen. Losing a 7-1 lead is difficult to do, and three outs with a 10-7 lead appears to be a difficult task as well. That one hurt. 

Game Notes

Albert Pujols loves Texas. Do you want to know how I know that? My dad sent me five text messages that said so. But in all seriousness, Pujols is having his best series of the season in Arlington. He is showing signs of life in a much more consistent manner than earlier in the season. It’s difficult not to give Mike Trout a little bit a credit for lighting a fire under this team, but is there anyone willing to contest that? Trout has put life back in this dugout and arguably back into the bat of one of baseball’s best hitters. Regardless of where this spark has come from, Pujols is back. He’s back and he isn’t going anywhere.  

– Raise your hand if you enjoy having a catcher who can hit the ball. Thank you, Chris Iannetta.  

– I was putting this off, but I have to bring it up sometime. Dearest Garrett Richards. Richards will come out throwing like an underrated ace one inning, and the next, it all falls apart. To be honest, I’m not sure that it’s entirely his fault. There’s a level of experience that is necessary to have as a starting pitcher. With varying levels of experience come varying levels of confidence. Putting an inconsistent pitcher like Richards out against a line-up like the Texas Rangers would be ideal for his career if the Angels weren’t playing in such a significant series. I have confidence in his pitching abilities, but this isn’t the time to experiment.

Halo A-Hole  

If you stepped on the mound, your name goes here. Minus LaTroy Hawkins. Scoreless, like a boss. 

Tomorrow’s game is a season defining game for the Angels. Season defining in the sense that it may generate momentum for the remainder of August and heading into the post season race. They knew how important tonight’s game was, and they know how much of a statement they need to make in beating the Rangers tomorrow.

PMA Thursday. What do ya say, C.J.?