Game Recap 8/12/12: Frustration Defcon 2 – Mariners 4, Angels 1

We’ve officially reached the point where I can’t just sit here and continue to preach about patience and perspective regarding the Angels and their slump.  Those two factors very much still apply, but, for myself at least, the scales have now tipped in the other direction and frustration is taking over.  There just isn’t anything about losing a series at home to the Mariners that can allow for anything other than negativity.

I could just say that this is one of those games where the bats just can’t get going for some reason and thus Weaver took the loss because he made two bad pitches and that’s it.  That is an accurate recap, but it really doesn’t tell the story of an Angel team that has reverted to its old habits of finding different ways to lose.

Mariners 4, Angels 1


Game Notes

  • You know things aren’t going your way team’s way when your closer gives up an RBI triple to Chone Figgins.  Yes, that Chone Figgins.  The only thing missing from that moment was Rex Hudler saying he was “gettin’ Figgy wit’ it” to really make me want to drive an icepick through my eardrum.
  • Umpiring in general seems awful this season, but it really feels like the Halos have been on the receiving end of a stream of poor officiating.  That is the only reason I can think of for Butcher flying off the handle in the first inning and getting ejected for arguing balls and strikes.  Clearly it isn’t just we fans at home who are getting frustrated with all the things that are not breaking the Angels’ favor.
  • On the bright side, at least the Angels didn’t kick the ball all over the diamond for what feels like the first time in a month.

Halo A-Hole

Howie Kendrick

This loss really isn’t his fault, but if he hadn’t predictably struck out with the bases loaded in the third, this game could’ve been much, much different.

Garrett Wilson

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