Game Recap 8/15/12: Time to go to work – Angels 8, Indians 4

With the Angels’ first series win since the end of July, this team is ready for something. I don’t know what they’re ready for, but don’t you dare doubt their readiness.  

Ervin Santana appeared to be more confident on the mound tonight than he has been in a while. With the necessary run support supplied by the offense, it takes the pressure off of a struggling pitcher. Room to breathe is always nice. 

The bullpen has blown a lead or twenty thousand, but if the Angels don’t have to utilize bullpen pitchers for more than an inning or two, I see a formula for success. Runs help too.

Angels 8, Indians 4

Game Notes:

– Ervin Santana has earned a W in his last four outings. The offense has come out and supplied Santana with 5+ runs in run support since July 30th. Seeing a more confident pitcher on the mound is never a bad thing. Santana was grinning from ear to ear when he returned to the dugout after completing the 7th inning. Those seven innings of one run, one walk, four hit baseball are the most he’s pitched since his complete game against the Diamondbacks on June 16th. Santana hit rock bottom, and there’s only one way to go from there. 

– The benefits of procrastination are far and few between and the Angels’ offense knows this. The Halos jumped on the Indians early, scoring five runs in the second inning. EXECUTION. The defense has a better chance of making errors if the ball is put in play. With the help of a couple of errors, hits, stolen bases, and a speedy Kendrys Morales on the base path, the Halos made a statement early on. They’d go on to score four more runs throughout the rest of the game. 

– Mike Trout. You superhuman freshwater fish godsend, you. 

– Chris Iannetta hits home runs so I can mention him in my game recaps. It’s obvious. 

Halo Hero  

Because you deserve it tonight, Ervin. Because you deserve it. 

The Angels aren’t allowed to collapse. Not now, not for the remainder of the season. It’s time to go to work.