Game Recap 8/17/12 — Bad pitching has gone viral — Angels 3 Rays 12

Of all the things that Jerry DiPoto thought would be issues going into the season, the last thing he thought he would have to worry about was his starting pitching staff. Jered Weaver was coming off a Cy Young runner up season, Dan Haren was touted as an ace for his second half closing kick, Ervin Santana appeared to have figured out his mental issues, CJ Wilson was the biggest offseason pitching get on the market. All DiPoto worried about was a fifth starter to give them some innings and keep those games close. Then Jerry went out and got Zack Grienke and it seemed the Halos had amassed the best starting rotation in baseball. Boy, was he wrong.

Angels 3 Rays 12

Game Notes
— This one was over early. Rays pitching has been a conundrum for the Angels for a couple of years now, and tonight the early lead seemed to doom them from the start. Getting Trout on third to start the game with no outs and having him not score probably didn’t help morale much either.
— Good for Howie Kendrick to hit a homer at a time when it would in no way affect the outcome of the game. Makes up for all those inning ending double plays he’s hit into this year.
— I think it might be time to put old man Isringhausen down. The ride was fun while it lasted. 
–The most telling stat I have seen is that Angel pitchers have now given up four run innings in 11 of the last 17 games. That’s a far cry from the best in baseball. That’s a travesty…
— Seriously I have nothing good to say about this game. I actually fell asleep for two and half innings and that was about the best thing I can say about my fan experience for the night.        

Halo A Hole

Jered has done a lot for this team over the years. But tonight, when the team needed him to carry them, he flopped to the tune of nine earned runs, a career high. Bad pitching is like a virus and no one is immune.