Game Recap 8/18/12 — It’s All Over — Angels 8 Rays 10

I'm not sure I can properly process all that happened tonight. I can say one thing for sure, the Angels are not making the playoffs this year. What on paper was supposed to be a World Series contender will instead be remembered as the signature disappointment of the season. With the splashy spending spree of the offseason now turning into a sour aftertaste of the realization that the Angels are more likely to finish with their heads just above water than in the promised land of the October baseball. No one represents the misfirings of the season more than CJ Wilson. All of a sudden that contract is looking like a giant albratross and the Angels like a dead team walking.

Angels 8 Rays 10

Game Notes
— Things started off so promising tonight. First the celebration of the 2002 championship team brought electricity and excitement to the field and seemed to inspire the current team as they blew out to an 8-0 lead. But then it went south in a hurry.
— As I'm typing this Maicer Itzuris grounded out with the typing runs in scoring position and Mike Trout on deck. Nothing epitomizes the season more than that thought. Rather than taking a pitch or two, Macier weakly grounds out. DFA him right now.
— I can't really blow Kevin Jepsen up to badly about giving up the eventual winning runs. Yes he finally lost his edge and gave up the big hit but wouldn't be nice to not be in this position of having to be perfect every freaking night?
— Where the hell was this Fernando Rodney when he was with the Angels? Wouldn't this Fernando slot in nicely to the Halo Bullpen? I'm going to lose my mind just thinking about it.

Halo A Hole

There is so much I want to say about CJ Wilson. How could you blow an 8 run lead with your teams playoff hopes in the balance? Where was all that #pma bulls**t when you were serving up hit after hit en route to a 7 run inning? How am I going to deal with another four years of your inability to win the big game? Why are Ranger fans laughing at us?