Game Recap 9/11/12: Wow – Athletics 6 Angels 5

How perfect. How utterly and absolutely perfect. With the Angels rallying from 3 runs behind in the 9th to cut it to 1 run with 1st and 3rd and only one out WHO comes up to the plate? 

Howie Kendrick.

and WHAT exactly does he do? Oh, what he does best!

Rally killing double play

Just perfect

Athletics 6 Angels 5

Game Recap

Of course with the game on the line Kendrick hits into a double play. Of freaking course. It doesn't help that the Angels had been failing with men on 1st and 3rd and 1 out or less all night. The offense was just in sputters today, turning it up against the pitchers to start off the inning then breaking down right before they could cash in on any serious runs. I'd say "well hey, there's still tomorrow's game to catch up in the Wild Card", and while that's true it doesn't take away the pain from this loss away. 

– To be fair we could have all pretty much chalked up todays loss as a given with Jerome Williams making a spot start today. He hasn't pitched consistently in a while, with Scioscia burying him on the bench it isn't hard to see why he could have a hard time getting out of the 4th inning. Maybe if the bullpen didn't allow Oakland to extend the lead by a wide margin the Angels could have actually won tonight's game. Maybe if Howie Kendrick wasn't an a-hole the Angels might have won tonight's game too.

-This is the spot where I type some random jibber jabber about the game to fill up space, but since I'm so frustrated with this loss I'm just going to keep typing a bunch to fill up space so I won't go off into a crude tirade about Howie Kendrick. Maybe if he wasn't batting in the middle of the order, which he should have never been in the first place, this tragedy would have been avoided. Just maybe

Halo Hero

Howie Kendrick

Should I say something mean and hurtful here, or can I just flip you off as hard as possible for the next 20 seconds?