Game Recap 9/19/12: Buzzkill – Rangers 6, Angels 2

When a starting pitcher doesn't make it past 3 innings…

When a veteran makes a critical error on the base path…

When a team that managed to score 11 runs the previous night, goes scoreless in 8 innings the following game…

Let's face it. Without these critical components, it wouldn't be Angels Baseball: 2012 Edition.

Rangers 6, Angels 2 

Game Notes: 

— I'm just going to leave this right here: 2.2 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 3 BB; ladies and gentlemen, C.J. Wilson.

— After the Rangers took the early lead, the Angels offense was given a multitude of opportunities to score runs, but failed to pull through. This time, it wasn't one inning that gave the Angels RISP issues. The Angels failed to generate runs during 8 of the game's 9 innings. 

— Alberto Callaspo hit his 10th home run of the season tonight in the 5th inning. It was the only glimmer of hope the Angels had all game. So, in hindsight, we appreciate your contribution, Mr. Callaspo. 

— Albert Pujols was the only one with a multi-hit game tonight for the Halos, but when you can't run the bases effectively, what's the point? In the 6th inning, the Angels were still chasing one. But not Albert Pujols. Albert Pujols was chasing two…bases. Pujols wasn't content with a single and made an attempt to stretch it out to a double. This is Albert Pujols we're talking about. The Pujols who is still running a bit slower than before due to a calf injury. Spoiler alert! He was thrown out a second. Aggressive base running is Scioscia's game, but not at the expense of a potential RISP. Immediately after that atrocious play, Torii Hunter hit a solid a ground-rule double. Peachy.

— Jerome Williams took over for Wilson and tossed 4.1 scoreless innings. Even though Halo Hero doesn't exist when the Angels lose, I'm going to present Williams with the award. Right here. Informally. *applause* 

Halo A-Hole:

Now, Halo A-Hole…that we do. Sorry, C.J. You can't come out and throw 2.2 innings and expect praises of any sort. The PMA is in full supply for next week. Don't' worry about using it wisely. Just use it. Period. And "throw strikes."

Tonight's game was a complete buzzkill. After last night's victory, the Halos are back at square one.

The Angels have 13 games left of regular season play and are currently 3.5 games behind the Oakland Athletics (who sit behind the Baltimore Orioles) in the American League Wild Card race.