Game Recap — Prayers for Rain — Angels 3 Rangers 10

Ugh! That’s about the best way I can describe tonight’s bloodbath of a ball game. Was I the only one that was praying for the rain to continue so the game would be postponed? I was all set to do a raindance in my living room once Hamilton hit the first of his two homers. The Angels were never really in this one as the Rangers jumped on CJ Wilson and Jerome Williams early on their way to a comfortable win. What was supposed to be the first of a season long clash of Titans may be the beginning of a year long beatdown of the Halos by the boys from the Lone Star state. 

Angels 3 Rangers 10

Game Notes
— This wasn’t CJ Wilson’s fault. The 2 hour rain delay basically made him a non-factor in this one. Still, he did pile the bases loaded before the rain came so I wonder what he had if anything in store that was going to be different than the eventual outcome.
— Vernon Wells has to go. This was the collective conclusion of the Monkey with a Halo calvacade of Twitter Stars (@rmfalla, @ScottyLAAI, @monkeywithahalo, and @lyonszen (me)) after his abismal performance at the plate and in the field. Why Peter Bourjos can’t get a whiff of outfield grass is beyond me.
— On the other end of the spectrum is Mike Trout. Trout was the only Angel to accomplish anything tonight (2-3 with a Home Run, 2 RBI’s, 2 walks and a stolen base). Too bad it was wasted.

Halo A Hole

This seems to be the only pose Albert Pujols has struck with any consistency all year. There is growing speculation that he is hurt, which would certainly explain some of the epci struggle he faces. However, he also doesn’t look comfortable in the box at all and is flailing at pitches that are not even close to being strikes. The facts are these, Pujols is now hitting .194 with a single HR and failed to get the ball out of the infield tonight. This is more than serious, this is potentially catastrphic given what the Angels have invested in him.