Game Recap — Somebody I Used To Know — Angels 6 Blue Jays 2

Hey, I remember these guys. Agressive baserunning and situational hitting. Quality starting pitching and solid defense. It’s like whatever aliens had been inhabiting the LA Angels’ uniforms were beamed back home for at least one night. Now, let’s see if they can keep it up.

Angels 6 Blue Jays 2

Game Notes

— Alright, let’s not get ahead of ourselves about the Albert Pujols benching. Sure, Albert was frosty with the media with his “Go ask the Manager,” but if your boss told you to take a forced vacation, wouldn’t you be a bit pissed as well? I think we all agree that Pujols will certainly be in the line-up tomorrow.
— CJ Wilson was very steady tonight. He walked a few more than he would’ve liked, but if he turns in that type of performance on a regular basis, we can all breathe a bit easier. 
— Ernesto Frieri is the real deal. I know it’s only one outing, but his fastball has a ton of movement (almost Scot Shields like) and he seems very calm on the mound. I don’t see him as a closer, but he could be the set-up man of the future when Jordan Walden gets his stuff sorted out.
— Anyone else notice that Howie Kendrick seems to really struggle with the bases loaded? Seems like everytime he comes up in this type of situation, he strikes out or hits a weak grounder. Howie is really good, but I’m not sure I trust him in pressure moments.

Halo Hero

How much do you love Mike Trout right now? That diving catch in center was a thing of beauty. His solo home run to give the Angels the lead was awesome. The hustle double to get an insurance run was breathtaking. But my favorite at bat was the sac fly he hit. In most cases, a young ballplayer gets overly anxious and does something stupid, but not our Trouty. All he did was ease back and do what needed to be done. This is why everyone thinks he’s the man. I agree.