Game Recap — Things are gonna get Tight — Angels 2 Rangers 9

Oh man was Ervin Santana bad today. We are talking catastrophically terrible. This reoccuring bout of crappiness has put the Angels is a severly compromised position as it relates to the next 10 days or so. All of sudden the starting rotation, already an issue, has a gaping hole where Ervin used to be. Scioscia has already said he is skipping his next start with the off day and a trip to the bullpen is probably in order. Trade rumors abound and the team stumbling a bit coming out of the gate to start the second half. It doesn’t help that the suddenly scorching Oakland A’s are breathing down their necks and the Texas Rangers, in case we all forgot and I apparently did last night, are still probably the best team in baseball. So, otherwise, not much on Jerry DiPoto’s plate right now.

Angels 2 Rangers 9

Game Notes
— Let’s ignore the Santana giant steaming pile of dung thrown out the first two innings, the rest of the staff did an admirable job. David Carpenter threw four really solid innings and Latroy Hawkins was his usual self.
— The Angels swung and missed a lot today. 13 strikeouts over the course of the game is not exactly the best way to get youself back into a game when down early. This was highlighted by Kendrys Morales’ three strikeouts and you kind of understand why he is all of a sudden a trade candidate.
— If Erick Aybar is hurt, and there are reports he may have broken his foot, I would be concerned not only because he was acutally hitting but his defense has returned to elite level. I can’t be the only one worried about Maicer Itzuris as a full time player at this juncture of the season.
— Mike Trout is still really good even on an otherwise blah day. His run scored in 13 straight games will not be the only Halo record he breaks in his Angel tenure.

Halo A Hole

Yeah Ervin, you sucked big time today. Not sure what else to say about that.

BTW…Mike Napoli should get some sort of honorary Halo A Hole for life award. Man I really hate that guy…