Game Recap – 9/23/12: Get pumped – Angels 4, White Sox 1

Get pumped, Angels fans.  The Halos are still in this thing and they aren't going away.  3.5 games back of Baltimore?  Whatever.  2.5 games back of Oakland?  Ain't no thing.  This race is going down to the wire and, at the risk of jinxing it, I like the Angels' chances.

Yes, they have some sizable gaps to close, but I'm not sure they can be daunted by anything anymore.  Just look at all the supposedly soul-crushing losses they've suffered in the last several weeks.  Yet they always bounce back.  ALWAYS.  The pressure is only going to get bigger and bigger as this final week and a half play out and I don't think any of the remaining teams in the race are more well positioned to handle it than the Angels (well, aside from having to close that 2.5 game gap, of course).

The Halos have a roster full of veterans who have been through all this before and know how to keep their heads on straight in big moments.  The A's and O's have rosters composed of players that haven't even sniffed a playoff race before, much less the pressure-packed final three series.  And it sure seems that the Angels have Big Mo on their side after sweeping the likely playoff-bound ChiSox while allowing a mere five runs in the process.

Like I said, get pumped (see the GIF at the end of the post for exact instructions).

Angels 4, White Sox 1


Game Notes

— Jered Weaver now leads the AL in wins with 19.  If you argue that Trout is the MVP over Cabrera because the Triple Crown is overrated, then you are forbidden by the transitive property from using Weaver's win total to argue that he deserves the Cy Young. 

— Scioscia wasn't kidding about the whole closer-by-committee thing, was he?  It definitely worked, even if it seemed like he temporarily turned into Tony LaRussa with all the pitching changes.  It also probably helped that the Angels have an off-day tomorrow, so using Downs and Richards three days in a row isn't a big deal.

— You'll have to take my word for it because I wasn't near the Twitter Machine at the time, but I totally called Kendrys Morales' homer.  There is just something about him lately where he has developed an uncanny knack to deliver the finishing blow whenever a pitcher is on the ropes.  I feel like the merits a nickname.  The Finisher?  Killshot Kendrys?  I am open to suggestions because, as you can tell, I suck at coming up with nicknames.


Halo Hero

Not only did he bust the game open with his RBI double, but he provided us with the next great dance craze: The Pujols Pump).

Garrett Wilson

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