Halo Headlines: 2013 Angels schedule released, Pujols still dealing with calf problems, a detailed look at the resurgence of Ervin Santana

The September 13th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including the 2013 Angels schedule is released, Pujols still dealing with calf problems, a detailed look at the resurgence of Ervin Santana and much more…

The Story: The official 2013 Angels schedule has been released and it has the Halos opening the season in Cincinnati.

The Monkey Says: They also end the season in Texas and make a trip to St. Louis in between, which should be interesting, to say the least.  Also, it apparently never occurred to the schedule makers that the Angels can play both the Rangers and Astros on one road trip to Texas.  Such arrangements are usually made to cut down travel, but I guess that just wasn't doable this year.  Hopefully they will figure it out in later years because that could become a real hassle.

The Story: Albert Pujols' injured calf still isn't healthy enough for him to play the field.

The Monkey Says: In fact, it looks like he might have even aggravated it Tuesday night when he got tangled up with Brandon Moss on a play at first base.  It doesn't seem to be hindering his hitting too much and one could argue that the leg problem has probably saved him from some of his standard TOOTBLAN instincts, so I really don't see this being a problem other than Morales maybe getting fatigued from playing in the field for an extended period for the first time since his injury.

The Story: A detailed look at the resurgence of Ervin Santana.

The Monkey Says: It is interesting that the arm slot data doesn't back up their claims because I always thought it was a BS excuse, but I still don't really know what the issue really is either, so maybe I am full of BS.

The Story: The Angels dismissed pro scouts Brad Sloan and Willie Fraser.

The Monkey Says: I know nothing about either man but one can assume that they were let go since they were leftovers of the Reagins regime.

The Story: Maicer Izturis is working out again, but likely won't be available until the weekend at the earliest.

The Monkey Says: Which is too bad because they Angels need him as a pinch-hitting option (and yes, I am aware that he is 0-for-the season in that role; small sample, size my friends).

The Story: Jim Bowden, noted idiot, believes the Angels are the best free agent landing spot for Zack Greinke and… wait for it… Fernando Rodney.

The Monkey Says: Greinke makes sense for the Angels, but he also invokes the Yankees even though there have been rumors for years that the Yanks are not interested in him because of concern over his anxiety disorder not fitting well into the Big Apple pressure cooker.  As for Rodney, that is just plain dumb.  If he had done even the slightest bit of research, he would know that Fraudney has irrational cartoon hate for the Angel coaching staff because of how he (falsely) felt that they slighted him during his stay in Anaheim.  The coaches weren't too fond of him either, so I have a hard time believing that either side would field the other's calls, much less engage in contract talks.

The Story: Win a meal with Mike Trout and Peter Bourjos.

The Monkey Says: I implore whoever wins this to film it and put it on YouTube because I really want to see the immense awkwardness of the winning fan just slobbering over Trout the whole night and completely ignoring Bourjos, possibly even mistaking him for the waiter.

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