Halo Headlines: Angels Announce New Minor League Coaches and Staff, Morales Moving in the Right Direction, Santana Denied Permission to Pitch in Winter Ball

The January 16th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Angels announce several minor league coaching changes, Morales is “moving in the right direction,” ??? and much more…

The Story: The Angels made several changes to their minor league coaching staff.

The Monkey Says: There is nothing terribly noteworthy here other than the Angels poaching some coaches from the Rangers.  Oh, and apparently they have a “bunting coordinator.”  Of course they do, Scioscia still wields some power in this organization.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto believes Kendrys Morales is moving in the “right direction” after getting to see him in person.

The Monkey Says: I am starting to feel optimistic here as thi is the first time the front office has really given us cause for hope with Kendrys after being stubbornly non-committal about his status all off-season.  I can’t wait to have my hopes dashed in six weeks when he gets shutdown again.

The Story: Ervin Santana denied permission to play winter ball, but Aybar allowed.

The Monkey Says: Not permitting Santana to pitch makes a ton of sense.  I just don’t even get why he wants to pitch in the Dominican League since it isn’t like Ervin has much to prove or work on at this stage of his career.  What I find weird is that all these guys are only just starting to play as the league enteres its post-season, which sort of defeats the purpose of a “regular” season, no?

The Story: A Q&A with Jerry Dipoto reveals he had to sneak through service elevators and underground tunnels to get the Pujols deal done.

The Monkey Says: The fact that he actually had to covertly move throught he hotel to keep the negotiations under wraps officially makes the Pujols signing the most ninja GM move of all time.

The Story: Is the Angels’ bullpen good enough?

The Monkey Says: No, it is not, but it is close.  Hawkins will help, but the fact that Bobby Cassevah looms as a big piece of the bullpen equation is cause for concern.

The Story: Alberto Callaspo and Erick Aybar officially file for arbitration.

The Monkey Says: This is merely a formality, just paperwork.  Move along, nothing to see here.

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