Halo Headlines: Angels complete Madson signing, unlikely to sign Greinke, Weaver a cause for concern

The November 28th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Angels complete Madson signing, unlikely to sign Greinke, Weaver a cause for concern and much more…

The Story: The Angels have agreed to a one-year, incentive-laden deal with Ryan Madson, pending the results of his physical.

The Monkey Says: This appears to be a done deal with the Angels just waiting to announce the signing today.  We still don't know the money involved, but Alden Gonzalez tweeted yesterday that he was told it was a low-base, high-incentive deal.

The Story: It now appears unlikely that the Angels will be able to re-sign Zack Greinke.

The Monkey Says: I question the truth of this rumor.  Not knocking on the reporter, I just think that someone might be blowing smoke.  It strikes me as odd that the Angels would talk extensively about Greinke being their top priority and then just pull out of the race right before the Winter Meetings and thus the real negotiations start.  I just think this is them trying to convince the Dodgers that they don't need to make a crazy bid to land Greinke.  This rumor also seems to be tied to the news that the Angels signed Greinke and it is completely non-sensical that an incentive-based one-year deal would somehow scuttle the Halos' pursuit of Greinke.  Sorry, none of this adds up.

The Story: Another article concerned over the potential decline of Jered Weaver.

The Monkey Says: Guys lose velocity over time, we all know this.  What we don't know is if his velocity loss in 2012 was accelerated by his health problems.  If that's the case, his velocity could bounceback some.  It also might not.  So until we actually see how he looks in 2013, why don't we all just reserve judgment?

The Story: Ryan Madson's bounceback season as foretold by Joe Nathan.

The Monkey Says: Yeah, that's not super encouraging, although not all recoveries are created equal.  However, this does show why people should take it easy on their rush to anoint Madson the Opening Day closer.  He may not even be ready to pitch Opening Day much less at top form.  As such, I wouldn't be surprised if the Angels add another quality relief arm to help out until Madson is good to go.

The Story: Mike Trout tops part two of Jonah Keri's MLB trade value rankings.

The Monkey Says: Not really a shocker.  I actually don't think it is that much of a toss up between him and Harper since Harper has only been pretty good while Trout is already performing at elite levels.  One year of team control shouldn't really override any of that.

The Story: C.J. Cron was named to the Topps Class-A All-Star team.

The Monkey Says: Is this an actual thing?  I mean, I know its an honor, but I don't know if it is one worth being excited about.

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