Halo Headlines: Angels set rotation, Haren could return Thursday, C.J. Wilson dating Lisalla Montenegro

The July 13th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Angels finally set their post-break rotation, Haren could be back as soon as Thursday, C.J. Wilson is dating model Lisalla Montenegro and much more…

The Story: The Angels finally set their post-break rotation: Wilson-Williams-Weaver-Santana-Mills/Richards.

The Monkey Says: This is important in that obviously Jerome Williams is ready to return.  It also shows why it is kind of a bad thing to have a guy in the All-Star Game since the Halos needed to set Weaver to third in the rotation to give him enough rest.  That could cost him one additional start depending on how things break the rest of the season.  As for the Mills/Richards thing, that one could go either way.  Garrett pitched for Salt Lake last night and got rocked.  On the other hand, letting Mills face the righty-heavy Tigers is probably not the best idea.

The Story: Dan Haren is feeling great and could return to action as soon as Thursday.

The Monkey Says: He’s already throwing off a mound, so he is way ahead of where Weaver was when he hurt his back.  This is also why the Mills/Richards question isn’t a big one since it will only be for one start.  That being said, don’t expect Haren to return Thursday the Sunday after is when his spot in the rotation would come up.  I’m sure they’d rather give him a few extra days of rest rather than bump all the other guys back a day, especially since it would result in Jerome Williams facing Texas.

The Story: C.J. Wilson is dating model Lisalla Montenegro.

The Monkey Says: I normally don’t care about who a player is dating but… oh my, she’s purty.  A rich new contract to play for his hometown team, making the All-Star team and now he is shacking up with a Brazilian swimsuit model.  I think it is safe to say C.J. Wilson is having a good year.

The Story: Mike Trout is ruining how fans will feel about their team’s prospects when they get called up.

The Monkey Says: Bryce Harper is helping too, but yes, I think this will make it harder for fans to be patient when their top prospects reach the majors and fail to immediately set the world on fire.  Too bad for them.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto once again downplayed the notion of the Halos being major players at the deadline.

The Monkey Says: But it was one of those, “probably not… unlessssss” kind of denials.  Suffice it to say that JeDi is not going to tip his hand one what he can and cannot do come the trade deadline.  One thing I do believe is that the team would prefer not to take on a high-priced rental.  That just isn’t how Moreno has ever operated.

The Story: The key to Albert Pujols’ turnaround has been a huge increase in success early in the count.

The Monkey Says: This is what happens when you are more selective about what you swing at, unlike early in the season when he was swinging early and often.

The Story: A look at Mike Trout’s “rivals” for AL Rookie of the Year honors.

The Monkey Says: I am guessing someone had an article quote to fill here because there is no way on Flying Spaghetti Monster’s green Earth that Trout loses the AL ROY.

The Story: Bobby Wilson rates well according to the latest defensive catcher metrics.

The Monkey Says: You see, unlike Jeff Mathis, Wilson’s supposed strong defense actually shows up in the advanced metrics.  Wilson is ranked 14th, but since it is a cumulative measure, that actually suggests he is even better since he has caught significantly fewer innings than some ranked ahead of him.  John Hester, on a per game basis, seems to grade out well in all areas except controlling the running game, where he is comically bad, but you knew that already.

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