Halo Headlines: Angels Still Interested in Francisco Cordero, Halos Tried Signing Darvish as a Teenager, A Cautionary Tale for Angel Fans

The January 20th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Angels continue to show interest in Francisco Cordero, Halos tried to sign Darvish when he was a teenager, a cautionary tale for Angel fans and much more…

The Story: The Angels continue to be linked to free agent reliever Francisco Cordero.

The Monkey Says: This rumor just won’t go away, which troubles me deeply.  I am convinced that Cordero is washed up.  On the other hand, if no other teams show interest, at least they should be able to get Cordero for almost nothing, which makes his potential signing not all that bad.  I’m just going to keep telling that to myself until I actually believe it.

The Story: Back when he was just a teenager, the Angels made him a lucrative offer to come to America.

The Monkey Says: As the article suggests, that was something of a no-no.  It also is probably not as interesting as it sound because 29 other teams also probably tried to get him to skip the Japanese leagues.

The Story: A cautionary tale for Angel fans who have valuable collectibles.

The Monkey Says: See, this is why I keep all my Angels memorabilia in a storage locker that my wife doesn’t know about.  This is also why I am glad my wife doesn’t read most of what I write on this blog.  This might also be why I spend the weekend sleeping in the basement, should this be the rare occasion that my wife does read the blog.

The Story: Another day, another rotation ranking with the Angels coming in second.

The Monkey Says: Obviously, I have no real complaint about where the Halos rank.  I cannot believe that the Rays aren’t in the top five though, but at least he owns up to that omission.

The Story: It could be the end of the road for former Angel Vladimir Guerrero.

The Monkey Says: Sadly, it is probably time for Vlad to hang them up.  He can’t really play the field anymore and his power pretty much abandoned him last season.  I kind of hope some team gives him a shot, but that is just because I hate to see a guy who was once as great as he was go out with a whimper like this.

The Story: Ranking the best and worst Angel uniforms of all-time.

The Monkey Says: Those early 1990’s uniforms that were most underrated actually are pretty sweet when you look back on them.  I think the only reason they are not remember more fondly is because they were the uniforms used in the Angels in the Outfield movie, making it kind of hard to take them seriously.  The right call was made about the current uniforms being the best though.  The red Angel uniforms are classy and timeless.  I’d be perfectly fine if the Angels never, ever changed them again.

The Story: Nick Maronde checks in as the #6 prospect at Halos Heaven.

The Monkey Says: This is a huge relief for me because when Scotty and I did the MWAH/LAAI top prospect list, I was a little concerned about ranking Maronde #5.  It just seems so high for a pitcher who was just drafted, but at least now other people are making the same bold statement about him, so we won’t look so bad if this blows up in our face.

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