Halo Headlines: Arte Moreno Named LA Sports Executive of the Year, Abreu’s Future With the Angels, Topps Already Has a Pujols as an Angel Card

The January 25th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Arte Moreno named LA Sports Executive of the Year, exploring the future for Bobby Abreu and the Angels, Topps already has a Albert Pujols as an Angels baseball card and much more…

The Story: Arte Moreno was named LA Sports Executive of the Year.

The Monkey Says: And here I thought Frank McCourt was going to win.  Darn!  By the way, seeing how the LA Galaxy won their league championship and still didn’t win this largely meaningless award, it only underscores just how little anyone cares about soccer.

The Story: Exploring Bobby Abreu’s future with the Angels.

The Monkey Says: This is simply funny because of the supposed Abreu-to-Detroit rumor which was obviously conjured up before Detroit shocked the world and signed Prince Fielder.  I definitely agree with the sentiments of the article that the Angels probably want to dump Abreu’s salary but can’t really afford to give him up until they have a better idea of whther or not they will need him as an insurance policy for Morales and Trumbo.

As for Fielder, Angel fans should be ecstatic that he didn’t go to Texas, though it would have been nice to have them saddled by a bloated long-term contract (just like the Angels!).  It will be curious to see if Texas pulls anything out of their sleeves to address their apparent hole at first base.

The Story: Topps has already created a terrible photoshopped version of Albert Pujols as an Angel.

The Monkey Says: They airbrushed his Cards uniform into an Angels jersey and seem to have also airbrushed him from a Latino into a Caucasian.

The Story: Jered Weaver was named the Orange County Youth Sports Foundation Sportsman of the Year.

The Monkey Says: Sportsman?  Did they not see his meltdown versus the Tigers?

The Story: C.J. Wilson’s racing team will be competing this weekend.

The Monkey Says: Note that Wilson will NOT be driving, so there isn’t any danger to him.  There is danger for the rest of us though if this means that we are going to have to hear updates about low levels of NASCAR racing all the time.

The Story: Garrett Richards is the #2 Angels prospect.

The Monkey Says: I’m of the opinion that Richards should probably spend at about half the season in Triple-A to keep working on his change-up and curve.  His slider is great, but it definitely appeared that working with just two pitches limited him too much in his pro debut.  As I noted in my own scouting report of Richards (which you can find via the navigation bar), Garrett seldom used his change-up and never once threw his curve even though it was supposed to be a quality pitch for him.

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