Halo Headlines: Cabrera favored over Trout for MVP, Posnanski stumps for Trout, Angels forced to scoreboard watch

The September 25th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Cabrera favored over Trout for MVP, Posnanski stumps for Trout, Angels forced to scoreboard watch and much more…

The Story: Miguel Cabrera is favored by Vegas bookmakers over Mike Trout to win the AL MVP.

The Monkey Says: I'm not surprised, the Triple Crown thing is just going to carry too much weight in the eyes of the BBWAA which still has a lot of old school writers in it.  Add to that the only pretty good numbers Trout has been posting the last few weeks and, yeah, the voters are probably going to get this one wrong.

The Story: Joe Posnanski stumps for Mike Trout as the clear AL MVP choice.

The Monkey Says: And here is where we get some hope for Trout because Poz carries a lot of weight and that could sway some voters to rethink their stance, especially since he somehow successfully used Ron Gardenhire's endorsment of Miggy to really make it a vote for Trout.

The Story: Who voters pick in the AL MVP race says more about the voter than anything else.

The Monkey Says: That is 100% true.  This isn't even about Cabrera and Trout, this is new school versus old school as much as the presidential election is red state versus blue state.

The Story: The Angels and other contenders have to resort to scoreboard watching the rest of the way.

The Monkey Says: That is totally normal this time of year, but it still feels weird that every Angel fan was rooting for the Rangers last night.  Pennant races make for strange bedfellows.

The Story: Has Torii Hunter surpassed Jim Edmonds on the all-time Angels list?

The Monkey Says: It is certainly an interesting argument.  I'm not sure I even know which side I come down on though since both players sort of enjoyed the peaks of their respective careers in other uniforms.

The Story: Mike Trout gets better with each additional at-bat in a game.

The Monkey Says: I'm pretty sure these stats are directly "borrowed" from Sam Miller's recent feature on Trout in ESPN the Magazine.  They are still awfully impressive though, however I would be curious to see how they break out over months, specifically these last two months in which Trout has been more human.

The Story: Who is to blame if the Angels don't reach the post-season?

The Monkey Says: I know a lot of people are still going to vote for Scioscia on this topic, but I think Hall is right on in blaming the bullpen which has just been miserable for long stretches throughout the year.

The Story: Guess what?  Mike Scioscia knows baseball better than you do.

The Monkey Says: A great and necessary post since there seems to be a lot of armchair managers out there that think they could outmanage Scioscia with the greatest of ease.  Like any manager,  he has some blind spots, but that doesn't mean you, your grandmother or your dog are a better manager than he is.

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