Halo Headlines: Dipoto lends support to Scioscia, Angels to travel second-most miles in 2013, Haren being considered for World Baseball Classic

The September 18th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Dipoto lends support to Scioscia, Angels to travel second-most miles in 2013, Haren being considered for World Baseball Classic and much more…

The Story: Dipoto gives Scioscia his support.

The Monkey Says: Well, he does, but he also doesn't.  Yes, he defends Scioscia's recent perceived gaffes, but he once again makes nothing resembling a promise that Scioscia will be back in 2013.  On one hand, that is just standard operating procedure for a lot of clubs, but given the fan outcry right now, Dipoto could really quiet the angry mob by just coming straight out and saying Scioscia isn't going anywhere.

The Story: The Angels will travel the second-highest number of miles out of all AL teams in 2013.

The Monkey Says: They are usually near the top, but their frequent flier miles are getting a shot in the arm next year thanks to the Astros jumping into the AL West.  It is only made worse by the fact that the schedulers never saw fit to have the Halos play the Rangers and Astros on the same trip to Texas.  The flip side of that, is that the Angels are one of only two teams that have just one three-city road trip.

The Story: Dan Haren is being considered for the Mexican team at the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

The Monkey Says: If you weren't aware, Haren is of Mexican and Irish descent, which is why he is a potential team Mexico member.  That's great and all, but considering he is coming off one of his worst seasons ever that also included a long struggle with back problems, he would be clinically insane to subject himself to the rigors of the WBC.  In fact, I doubt that whatever team he plays for next season would permit him to play in order to keep him healthy.

The Story: The Arkansas Travelers have agreed to a two-year renewal of their affiliation with the Angels.

The Monkey Says: I'm a little surprised by this just because the local fans seem pretty annoyed with the team's relationship with the Angels as their is a sense that the parent club doesn't care much about the competitiveness of the Travs.  I've heard some of the gripes, some of which are well-founded, some of which are not.  Don't be surprised if the affiliation changes some time in the next few years.

The Story: The AL West is the best division in baseball.

The Monkey Says: It is hard to argue with that, even though I am trying hard to since it is my natural instinct to disagree with Lyle Spencer, but there are three very good team's in the division and the red-headed step child Mariners actually aren't that bad this season.  But wait until next year when the Astros join the division next season and drag down the curve for everyone.

The Story: Has Kevin Jepsen finally turned the corner?

The Monkey Says: He certainly seems to have, for now.  The problem is that from what we've always seen with Jepsen is that he could at any second throw it into reverse and go back around, down a one-way street in the wrong direction and cause an eleven-car pile-up.

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