Halo Headlines: Dodgers hire Mickey Hatcher, Williams throws simulated game, Trumbo still hopeful for Home Run Derby

The June 27th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including the Dodgers hired Mickey Hatcher for their front office, Williams throws a simulated game, Trumbo still hoping to make the Home Run Derby and much more…

The Story: The Dodgers hired former Angels hitting coach Mickey Hatcher as a special assistant to the general manager.

The Monkey Says: Make all the jokes you want, but Hatcher is a good baseball man and has some knowledge that he can share with the Dodger organization.  His role is one that front offices use as a sort of catch all for guys that they want in the organization as a scout and or coach.  Hopefully the Dodgers lean towards the scouting direction.  On second thought, screw the Dodgers, he should totally coach for them.

The Story: Jerome Williams threw a simulated game yesterday and could soon make a rehab start in lieu of coming off the disabled list.

The Monkey Says: That’s great news.  Where he slots in once he returns remains to be seen though.  He would only be able to make one start before the All-Star break, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the Halos go one turn with a six-man rotation so that they can delay making a decision on how to arrange the rotation until after the break.

The Story: Mark Trumbo is still a prime candidate for the Home Run Derby.

The Monkey Says: Robinson Cano, but really the league since they are undoubtedly advising him, would be stupid not to take Trumbo on entertainment value alone since he is capable of tape measure homers.

The Story: LaTroy Hawkins talks about how baseball has changed since he was drafted in 1991.

The Monkey Says: Hawk sheds some good insight and really seems to put some thought into his answers, in the interview and in all other forums I’ve seen him share his opinion.  It is easy to see him taking on a coaching, broadcasting or front office role if he wants once he decides to hang up his cleats.

The Story: Get used to the idea of C.J. Wilson being a top pitcher in baseball.

The Monkey Says: This is a great read, but I feel like it missed on aspect of Wilson that leads to his perception that he somehow isn’t “for real.”  I have said it before, but I am convinced his personality and off-field interests play a major role in his being considered “overrated.”  Fans love to rip on him for being a hipster douchebag, but it glosses over the fact that he’s a really good pitcher.  Now, front offices won’t be sidetracked by that stuff, but it might’ve cost him a few million bucks in free agency (well, that and being over 30 and coming off a bad post-season).

The Story: Projecting the career path of Jean Segura.

The Monkey Says: At first, I was with the many who thought he was definitely going to be traded, but I’ve begun to think otherwise.  I think he could still be moved in the right deal, but he could also easily find a way to contribute with the Halos.  With Maicer Izturis entering free agency after this season, Segura could be called up to take over as utility infielder and thus get his feet wet while showing whether or not he can handle big league pitching.  What makes me think this will be the plan is that with Kendrick and Aybar having disappointing seasons, the Angels might want to keep Segura since the Angels don’t have any other middle infield prospects that will be ready anytime soon.  If he really impresses, he could even force himself into a starting gig at third base.

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