Halo Headlines: Downs to be activated Saturday, Santana credits bounceback start to revamped slider, video of Hunter nearly spiking umpire in the ey

The August 17th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Scott Downs to be activated on Saturday, Santana credits revamped slider for his last strong start, video of Hunter nearly spiking an umpire in the eye and much more…

The Story: Scott Downs threw a simulated game and will be activated for Saturday’s game.

The Monkey Says: Let’s just hope he really is over his shoulder problems, because those are the sorts of injuries that have a nasty habit of not really going away.  It seems silly to put so much on a reliever, but I can’t envision any way in which the Halos make the playoffs without Downs pitching well down the stretch.  Walden might get activated on Saturday as well, having thrown a perfect inning in his rehab appearance last night, but his situation probably has a lot more to do with how he looked throwing that perfect inning.

The Story: Ervin Santana credits his revamped slider for his recent successful start.

The Monkey Says: That sounds great and all, but let’s see if it lasts.  One of the other problems Ervin has is just consistency in general, so forgive me if I don’t jump and down with joy for this news.  Call me when he dominates a lineup that isn’t as pathetic as Cleveland’s.

The Story: Video of Torii Hunter nearly spiking umpire Greg Gibson in the eye.

The Monkey Says: The gash is pretty nasty, but the ump got lucky because Hunter apparently was wearing rubber spikes for the game instead of the standard metal spikes.  Also, included in the piece is a stupid, insensitive tweet from Hunter’s son bemoaning that Torii was called out with no real concern shown for the umpire’s well being.

The Story: Video highlights of the Angels Cooking Challenge.

The Monkey Says: Why, yes, it was a slow news day yesterday.  Why do you ask?

The Story: My tale of how I actually had tickets to go see Felix Hernandez’s perfect game and ended up not going.

The Monkey Says: I assure you, I am going to go to my deathbed regretting this.

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