Halo Headlines: Downs out due to family reasons, Pujols returns, AL Cy Young is crazy

The August 29th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Downs out due to family reasons, Pujols returns from his injury, the AL Cy Young race is completely crazy and much more…

(EDITOR'S NOTE: I will be on vacation until September 8th, so the daily Halo Headlines are going to be posted sporadically if at all.  Try your best to carry on without me.)

The Story: Scott Downs has been placed on the family emergency leave list due to an undisclosed family matter.

The Monkey Says: He has to miss at least three days, so he'll miss the entire Boston series.  He can only stay on the list for seven days, so he'll be activated soon, however if this is a serious matter, he could be out indefinitely since the Angels can activate him and never use him without being short a player since rosters expand in a few days.  Needless to say, this is a serious blow to the already beleaguered Angel bullpen.  Downs hasn't been pitching well since return from the DL, granted, but perhaps this family matter was the reason behind it or if it is physical, it will allow him to get some additional rest for the stretch run.

The Story: Albert Pujols returned from his calf injury as the DH in last night's game.

The Monkey Says: How long he will remain at DH is not yet known, but at least he is playing again.

The Story: The nutso AL Cy Young race.

The Monkey Says: Yeah, this whole race is just stupid.  Weaver was the frontrunner until he had one bad start.  Then David Price started to move into the lead position but then he had a bad start.  Now Felix is listed as the leader because of his recent dominant stretch, but just wait until he gets lit up in a start and the rankings will shake up all over again.  Really, I think all five listed players have strong cases and it is going to come down to who can finish the season without having a bad start, which is kind of stupid really.

The Story: The Angels recalled Kole Calhoun to take Scott Downs' spot on the roster.

The Monkey Says: He was going to be a September call up anyway.  He is unlikely to be more than a pinch-hitter.

The Story: Torii Hunter knows the Angels aren't living up to expectation but doesn't think that the pressure is getting to them.

The Monkey Says: He's right, the only thing "getting to them" is a poorly constructed bullpen.

The Story: Mike Trout became the youngest player, and first rookie, ever to have at least 25 homers and 40 stolen bases in a season.

The Monkey Says: You know, I think this kid might turn out alright.

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