Halo Headlines: Haren expects to be trade, Hunter unlikely to be brought back, Rangers to pursue Greinke

The November 2nd, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Haren expects to be trade, Hunter unlikely to be brought back, Rangers to pursue Greinke and much more…

The Story: Dan Haren expects to be traded but still wants to come back to the Angels anyway.

The Monkey Says: Poor, Danny.  He sounds pretty bummed out by all of this since he not only has to leave the Angels (most likely) but also won't get to pick his next home.  You do have to appreciate how professional he is being through all of this though.

The Story: Torii Hunter is unlikely to come back to the Angels unless the somehow find a way to trade Vernon Wells and a chunk of his salary.

The Monkey Says: That will NEVER happen, so start crafting farewell letters to Torii now.

The Story: The Texas Rangers are likely to pursue Zack Greinke in free agency.

The Monkey Says: Well, duh.  That was a given for quite some time.  The question is whether or not GM Jon Daniels will be willing to overpay for Greinke to make it happen.

The Story: Rumors of a Dan Haren and Vernon Wells for John Lackey trade proved to be baseless.

The Monkey Says: That was fun for about two hours yesterday.  This is what I mean when I say nobody wants to trade for Wells if they have to give up anything of value or assume a significant amount of his contract.  Just stop it, everyone.

The Story: Breaking down the potential landing spots for Dan Haren.

The Monkey Says: I think the best place for Dan to land, personally, is San Diego.  But I do like the idea of Haren going to Toronto for Casey Janssen as a nice fit for both sides.

The Story: The Angels' top priority this off-season is re-signing Zack Greinke.

The Monkey Says: In related news, water is wet.

The Story: A better plan for the Angels might be to exercise Haren's option and only trade him once they re-sign Greinke.

The Monkey Says: That makes so much sense that it has no chance of happening.  I think part of the reason why is that they don't want to leave Haren twisting in the wind.  I'm also not sure if they have more leverage now with a deadline pressuring other teams to make an offer or later on when they don't "have" to trade him, unless team's call the Angels' bluff of keeping both Haren and Greinke.

The Story: Five trade idea for David Wright, including an Angels potential offer.

The Monkey Says: As with most Bowden articles, this seems to be based on a flimsy premise and not fully thought through.  For starters, I have a hard time believing the Mets trade Wright.  I know several Mets fans and they all firmly attest that the franchise will be dead to them if they trade Wright.  Also, basing an Angels package around C.J. Cron instead of Kaleb Cowart, when the Mets already have an incumbent first baseman but no replacement third baseman and when Cowart is probably a better prospect, pretty much shows that Bowden did about two second of research on this.

The Story: The ten greatest Ervin Santana performances in his Angel career.

The Monkey Says: Oh, man, I totally forgot about the bloody nose game.  In fact, I encourage you all to read this and remember how many contributions Ervin did make in his career because I feel like most people are happier to see him go than they should be.

The Story: Did Mike Trout lose the Gold Glove because his corner outfielder were too good?

The Monkey Says: An interesting idea, but really I think it overthinks the whole matter.  Plain and simple, Gold Glove voters just aren't that great at making the right choice.

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