Halo Headlines: Hatcher Won’t Mess With Pujols, What Other Move Must Angels Make to Pass Texas, Dipoto Leads GMs Who Have Helped Their Teams This Off-Season

The January 4th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Mickey Hatcher promises not to mess with Albert Pujols, looking at what additional move the Angels must make to pass Texas, and Dipoto tops amongst GMs that have helped improve their team this off-season and much more…

The Story: Hitting coach Mickey Hatcher promises to take a “hands-off” approach with Albert Pujols.

The Monkey Says: And Angel fans everywhere breath a sigh of relief.  But seriously, folks, Hatcher is an easy target for jokes and criticism, but there really isn’t anything that any hitting coach has to offer Pujols, so a hands-off approach is only natural.  If anything, Mickey can learn from Albert and pass on some of those good habits that make Pujols great on to the rest of the team.

The Story: Angel bloggers weigh in on what next move must the Angels make in order to move past Texas in the AL West.

The Monkey Says: These are all great suggestions, especially the sixth one.  I actually really like the idea of trading for Pedro Alvarez.  I’m not sure he can stay at third base, but he has loads of potential and might thrive if he were to get out of Pittsburgh and under the wing of Albert Pujols who can motivate him to get in shape and finally realize his full potential.  I don’t know that the Pirates would really trade him though, at least not yet since they may not want to admit they are giving up on a former top pick before giving him every last chance to succeed.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto rates ast he top GM who has helped improve his team this off-season.

The Monkey Says: Give Jerry credit for having the stones to make such bold moves, but give Arte Moreno a huge assist for backing Dipoto’s play by stepping up with the checkbook.

The Story: Albert Pujols leaving St. Louis for the Angels is one of the top storylines for 2012.

The Monkey Says: Pujols actually ranks second behind the Marlins getting a makeover, but I think that it is kind of BS that the greatest player of a generation shocking the world and leaving his former club after winning a World Series for them should probably take precedence over a franchise that has mostly antagonized their fan base the last several years finally deciding to spend some money, mostly just so people will stop criticizing them for defrauding the local government for tens of millions of dollars for their new stadium.

The Story: Albert Pujols and Mark McGwire work on Albert’s swing and approach together.

The Monkey Says: I take it back, Pujols can take swing advice from a hitting coach.  What I love is that Albert actually does most of the talking here, so, like I originally said, I think he is going to have a lot to offer the other Angel hitters next season.

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