Halo Headlines: Hunter expected back early next week, Romine called up, Has Pujols turned the corner?

The May 24th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Torii Hunter expected back early next week, Andrew Romine called up, wondering if Albert Pujols has finally turned the corner and much more…

The Story: Torii Hunter will likely rejoin the Angels on Monday when the Halos return home.

The Monkey Says: It still is not a guarantee, but this would be good news for the team and for Hunter’s family.  Hopefully there are no further delays.

The Story: David Pauley has been designated for assignment and Andrew Romine has been called up to the majors.

The Monkey Says: This tells us two things.  One, that Erick Aybar might be out a few more days, even though he did pinch-hit yesterday, thus the need for Romine to be around as a reserve.  Two, David Pauley stinks, but we all kind of knew that already.

The Story: Has Albert Pujols finally turned the corner?

The Monkey Says: This is one of about 2,974 similar articles because apparently every time Pujols hits a homer, the entire internet rushes to claim that he is now on his way to being fixed.  Pujols then proceeds to do nothing for two weeks, then hits another homer and the cycle begins all over again.

The Story: C.J. Wilson clarifies the negative comments he made about Oakland’s stadium and mound last season.

The Monkey Says: It is nice to see that C.J. was mature enough to try and clear up some poorly worded remarks he made last season.  However, that the Oakland reporters tried to bait him into another stupid comment shows that he pretty much should just stop speaking extemporaneously and start answering all questions with canned responses like Nuke LaLoosh in Bull Durham.  In fact, Wilson and LaLoosh really are pretty similar now that I think about it.  Rose goes in the front, big guy.

The Story: Bobby Cassevah needs to take advantage of the next few weeks to prove he belongs in the majors.

The Monkey Says: Shoulder problems held Cassevah back until now and he is now stuck in a roster crunch.  He should get a few weeks to prove that he can pitch like he did down the stretch last season, something I am doubtful of him being able to do, but once LaTroy Hawkins comes back from injury, it will either be Cassevah or David Carpenter catching the first flight back to Salt Lake.

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