Halo Headlines: Iannetta’s new contract could be worth $17.5 million, Davis urges caution with Trout, Wright-Bourjos trade rumors rekindled

The October 8th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Iannetta's new contract could be worth $17.5 million, Davis urges caution with Trout, Wright-Bourjos trade rumors rekindled and much more…

The Story: Chris Iannetta's new contract could be worth $17.5 million due to playing time incentives.

The Monkey Says: The incentives don't start kicking until 100 starts and Chris has only on twice even appeared in 100+ games.  Scioscia seems to trust him enough to lean on him heavily, so he might earn some of that cash.  Either way, it isn't enough money to make the deal any less attractive.

The Story: Eric Davis urges caution when it comes to setting expectations for Mike Trout.

The Monkey Says: You know, he's kind of right.  Trout definitely has mile high expectations and having such a high bar set for 2013 seems like it can only work against him.  Trout was far more human the last two months of the season, which many chalked up to fatigue, but there is chance that was his more normal level of play.  That would still be great, but it wouldn't be near the ridiculous standards many will expect him to meet.

The Story: The Mets should revisit the Peter Bourjos-David Wright trade rumor from before the season.

The Monkey Says: This is crazy on so many levels.   1) This rumor came up last November from an actual reporter, not from an over-caffeinated blogger.  2) The link here is from a Mets fan and he is in favor of it.  OK, so "many levels" is really just two, but you get my point.  This trade idea was kind of dumb before Wright had a big bounceback season and Bourjos rotted away on the bench.  I just can't believe that a Mets fan is in favor of it because I know several Met fans and they unanimously agree that they would never watch another Met game again if they trade Wright.  Also, a Bourjos-Walden package is crazy cheap.  I'm not even sure the Mets consider that offer last winter.

The Story: Nick Cafardo speculates that the Angels could be a potential landing spot for Josh Hamilton.

The Monkey Says: I can't remember the last time Cafardo's unfounded speculation about the Angels proved true, but sure, why not?  Hamilton would be crazy expensive and cost the Angels Torii Hunter, so it would probably make the Halos better but be wildly unpopular with the fan base.

The Story: Introducing the Triple Trout.

The Monkey Says: This is great, especially since it even includes a junk stat like run scored to offset the junk stat RBI.  I really can't wait for them to announce the award so that we can be done with all of this.

The Story: Mike Trout's season is eerily similar to Tim Raines' underappreciated 1987 season.

The Monkey Says: That's really cool.  It is also worth pointing out that Raines didn't even come close to winning the MVP.

The Story: A look at the history of how the Triple Crown came to a level of importance (plus a Trout endorsment).

The Monkey Says: Yes, this was written by Keith Olbermann.  No, that does not give you license to start a political debate in the comments.

The Story: Torii Hunter expects a decision on his future with the Angels "soon."

The Monkey Says: This is not a surprise since the two sides have been talking, but it doesn't mean he is definitely going to re-sign.  It just means that he and the team will decide whether or not they can make a deal.  I'm thinking they will reach an agreement, but screwier things have happened.

The Story: The Angels have the 22nd pick in the 2013 Amateur Draft.

The Monkey Says: For now.  They could well still lose the pick via free agent compensation like they did last season.

The Story: Ryan Langerhans has elected free agency.

The Monkey Says: The Angels will have to look elsewhere for their token veteran hitter that they stash in Triple-A in case of emergency.

The Story: A giant puff piece on Angels chairman Dennis Kuhl.

The Monkey Says: There is really no other way to frame this piece, sorry.

The Story: The Angels were one of the biggest surprise drops in attendance this season.

The Monkey Says: It really wasn't a significant drop, but it was weird, especially since so much of it came at the beginning of the season.  Considering how the season ended though, I would be very nervous about the Halos losing even more attendance next season.

The Story: Breaking down Chris Iannetta's new contract.

The Monkey Says: I hadn't really looked at the value from the WAR standpoint, I just sort of guesstimated it.  Turns out they were spot on, which means either I am very smart or very lucky.

The Story: The top minor league performances of the 2012 Angels farm system.

The Monkey Says: Performance doesn't always equate to future success, but it sure is a good start.

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