Halo Headlines: Kohn needs Tommy John surgery, Guerrero won’t face charges, Williams set to return Sunday

The April 12th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Michael Kohn needs Tommy John surgery, Vladimir Guerrero won’t face charges for his role in brawl, Jerome Williams set to return on Sunday and much more…

The Story: Michael Kohn will undergo Tommy John surgery today.

The Monkey Says:  Kohn just can’t catch a break.  This would’ve been the perfect year for him to break into the bullpen, but now he is out for the season and will have to start his climb all over again once he gets healthy.

The Story: Vladimir Guerrero won’t face any charges for role in a night club brawl.

The Monkey Says: One minute he’s in jail for assaulting a police officer and starting a brawl, the next he is walking away scott free.  I’m guessing the Dominican legal system isn’t exactly a clean and well-oiled machine.

The Story: Jerome Williams will officially get the start against the Yankees this Sunday.

The Monkey Says: This just confirms an unofficial report we had yesterday.  This will be by far the biggest test of Williams since he returned to the majors last season since he mostly faced weak competition down the stretch last year.

The Story: Kendrys Morales believes Ozzie Guillen’s comments on Fidel Castro were misinformed but that he probably did not deserve to be suspended.

The Monkey Says: Morales is officially more rational than most natural-born Americans now.

The Story: The Angels believe in Chris Iannetta’s bat.

The Monkey Says: There was (and kind of still is) some real concern about whether or not Chris Iannetta can hit away from Coors Field.  The early returns though are looking good as Iannetta has already delivered more big hits in hsi Angel career than Jeff Mathis ever did.  THat might be a slight exaggeration.  Emphasis on “slight.”

The Story: Prospect Austin Wood continues to turn heads in his second start of the season.

The Monkey Says: Get used to hearing Wood’s name as he is a big-time up-and-comer.  Yes, that’s right, we might have to start getting excited about a top Angel prospect with the last name Wood again.  Hopefully our spirits are strong enough to live through that again.

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