Halo Headlines: Morales Receives More Positive Reviews, Pujols Will Report to Camp A Week Earyl, Pujols’ Restaurant Drops His Name

The February 3rd, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including more positive reviews of Morales’ recovery, Pujols will report to camp a week early, Pujols’ restaurant drops his name and much more…

The Story: Morales receives more positive reviews for his rehab work, this time from AGM Scott Servais.

The Monkey Says: This doesn’t sound any different than the report Peter Bourjos gave recently, but we should take whatever we can get.  Frankly, the fact that the Angel management is even allowing positive reports on Morales to come out is a great sign after they made concerted efforts to keep his recovery under wraps last season.

The Story: Albert Pujols will report to Spring Training a week early.

The Monkey Says: It is not uncommon for new position players to report early, but Pujols wouldn’t have had to if he didn’t want to.  Still, he did, which is a pretty great show of leadership.

The Story: The restaurant named after Albert Pujols is dropping his name.

The Monkey Says: Honestly, I’m surprised it took this long.

The Story: Torii Hunter spoke with C.J. Wilson and Albert Pujols right around when both players signed.

The Monkey Says: Hooray!  Hunter finally helped recruit somebody and didn’t screw it up.  The curse is broken!

The Story: Should the Angels give Mike Trout a starting job?

The Monkey Says: Nothing new here, but he breaks the situation down pretty succinctly.

The Story: Baseball Prospectus releases their list of top Angels prospects.

The Monkey Says: It is partly behind a paywall, but it is pretty interesting.  The most glaring difference is that Goldstein has Garrett Richards as the seventh best prospect, whereas almost every other list has him second or third.  I’d argue with that, but Goldstein is smarter than me and makes a great point about Richards overthrowing his off-speed pitches.

The Story: Breaking down the Angels first base position.

The Monkey Says: This article is far too long, it should really just be “Albert Pujols.  Let’s hope he doesn’t get hurt.  That is all.”

The Story: Ranking the starting rotations in MLB.

The Monkey Says: I’ve never understood why people do this, since the rankings have absolutely no impact on anything.  Still, the Angels are either third or fourth, so… yay!

The Story: Prepare for even more Nationals-Angels trade rumors that will never, ever come true.

The Monkey Says: Plunkett with the pre-emptive strike!  Thank you, Bill.  You are truly doing the Lord’s work.

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