Halo Headlines: projecting Greinke’s cost, Cardinals fans mock Pujols with signs, rockstars support Trout for MVP

The October 18th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including projecting Greinke's cost, Cardinals fans mock Pujols with signs, rockstars support Trout for MVP and much more…

The Story: What kind of contract will Zack Greinke get in free agency?

The Monkey Says: Lots of good comps and a solid guess at five years for $115 million.  I tend to think it will be about $10 million north of that since it does not take into consideration that there reports that the Brewers already offered him nearly $112.5 million.  But with Greinke, the cost may not matter.  He is a different kind of cat and might opt for an environment he is more comfortable and spurn more money.  This is why I sincerely hope the Braves do not pursue him.

The Story: A Cardinals fan put a lot of effort into bringing some signs to the ballpark to mock Albert Pujols.

The Monkey Says: I appreciate the artistry in the first sign, but the second one is hackneyed.  Still, you have to appreciate Cards fans for still taking it so seriously but also keeping the jabs above the belt.

The Story: Rolling Stone magazine polled several rock stars on who they thought should be the AL MVP.

The Monkey Says: Why?  I have no idea.  The votes favor Miguel Cabrera, but I won't hold that against any of the musicians.  I will, however, hold a grudge against Pete Yorn for being such a wuss and saying they should share.  Pick a side, Yorn!  On a related note, I never thought I would post a news item that would result in me yelling at Pete Yorn and/or agreeing with whoever Handsome Dick Manitoba is.

The Story: Reggie Jackson thinks Miguel Cabrera is the clear MVP of the American League.

The Monkey Says: Considering that the last time Jackson made the news for his comments, he wound up getting in a ton of trouble for disparaging A-Rod and several Hall of Famers, go ahead and take this with a grain of salt.  But what I really want to hear is what noted stat-freak (too bad there is no sarcasm font) Jackson means when he says WAR "evaluates the average player well but does not work in evaluating the great players."  Please, Reggie, explain.  I'm dying to hear it.

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