Halo Headlines: Madson’s contract details, Dipoto vows to add more bullpen depth, Fujikawa prefers the Angels

The November 29th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Madson's contract details, Dipoto vows to add more bullpen depth, Fujikawa prefers the Angels and much more…

The Story: The contract details for Ryan Madson have him earning $3.5 million in base salary with another $2.5 in possible incentives.

The Monkey Says: That's a steal, especially when you consider the contracts guys like Broxton and League are getting.  The incentives are based on time spent on the active roster (so, health-based) and on how many games he finishes (so, role-based).  It seems pretty likely that he won't even earn the full $6 million.  The only thing I don't like about this deal is the lack of a team option for 2014.

The Story: In his press conference to announce the Madson signing, Jerry Dipoto said that he wasn't done adding to the bullpen "by any stretch".

The Monkey Says: Sounds like more is on the way, but Jerry also makes it clear that their intention is to make Madson the closer, so we probably shouldn't expect any other big name additions.  Or maybe not…

The Story: Japanese closer Kyuji Fujikawa is believed to prefer the Cubs or Angels.

The Monkey Says: And Dipoto was rather coy about whether or not the club was still pursuing Fujikawa, so this is a situation worth monitoring.  However, adding Fujikawa might be more difficult now that the Halos have seemingly already filled their closer role or at least made it a spot Fujikawa would have to compete for.

The Story: The Angels are said to be shopping Jordan Walden now that they've added Madson.

The Monkey Says: That seems odd since the Halos need all the bullpen depth they can get.  Walden clearly has seen his stock drop over the last year, so it is possible that Dipoto just wants to see what he can get for him, but it seems to me that they'd be better off holding onto him.

The Story: All four abritration-eligible Angels are expected to be tendered contracts by the Angels.

The Monkey Says: Jerome Williams was the only one whose status was up in the air, but it seems the team couldn't pass up on having him around as a cheap insurance policy for the rotation.

The Story: The Angels added SS Thomas Field off waivers from the Twins.

The Monkey Says: Minnesota's middle infield situation is awful, so the fact that they no longer wanted this guy should tell you all you need to know.

The Story: Baseball America's Top 10 Angels prospects for 2013.

The Monkey Says: Which they affectionately called "possibly the worst farm system in baseball."  Enjoy!

The Story: Former Angel Doug DeCinces has been charged with insider trading.

The Monkey Says: He already settled a lawsuit related to his misdeeds, but now it seems he will be facing criminal charges.  This doesn't look like it is going to end well.

The Story: Selecting the current or former player from your favorite team that you had irrational hatred for.

The Monkey Says: That means you can't go with an obvious choice like Vernon Wells.  I think I might have to go with Benji Gil if only because I always recall him endlessly griping about not getting more playing time even though he, you know, wasn't any good.

The Story: Could Nick Swisher be a free agent fit for the Angels?

The Monkey Says: I'd like to see him and I do wonder if he might not be a possibility now that the Angels are allegedly out on Greinke.  They could use the money they saved there to improve the offense and then fill out the rotation with cheaper options.  That would be a big gamble, but it is better than overpaying for Kyle Lohse or Anibal Sanchez.

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