Halo Headlines: Santana trade reaction, examining the market for Dan Haren, Tigers and Yankees could pursue Hunter

The November 1st, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Santana trade reaction, examining the market for Dan Haren, Tigers could pursue Hunter and much more…

The Story: The Angels traded Ervin Santana and $1 million to Kansas City for left-handed reliever Brandon Sisk.

The Monkey Says: I'm cheating by linking to myself, but I wanted to talk about this more. Scotty Allen, sometime MWAH writer, made the salient point that between Andrew Taylor and now Sisk, the Angels have options for a second lefty in the pen behind Downs which could give them the freedom to return Nick Maronde to the minors to continue developing as a starting pitcher.  I don't know if that is what the Angels have in mind, but it makes some sense and will be interesting to see unfold in training camp.

The Story: Examining the trade market for Dan Haren.

The Monkey Says: One way in which Haren might fetch a more inspiring return than Santana is that it isn't as much of a given that the Angels will otherwise decline Haren's option.  I still don't think they will be able to get more than a big league bench player or a back-end reliever.  Or maybe they could if they include $3.5 million, the price of his buyout, in cash with Haren as they did with Santana.  All that said, most people around the league seem to believe Haren will get moved by Friday.

The Story: Torii Hunter could be a prime target for the Detroit Tigers.

The Monkey Says: Detroit needs an offensive and defensive upgrade in the corner outfield spot, which makes Hunter pretty much the ideal match for them in their price range.  Seriously, it almost makes too much sense, then again Hunter makes a ton of sense in Texas too.  None of this makes me happy.  Fortunately, it is all just speculation by a newspaper columnist.

The Story: The Yankees are exepected to show interest in Torii Hunter as well.

The Monkey Says: Yeah, basically almost every team in the league is going to kick the tires on Hutner it seems.

The Story: The Angels are giving no indication that they will extend a qualifying offer to Torii Hunter.

The Monkey Says: The justification for the statement made in the tweet makes no sense though.  The Angels didn't save $12 million in the Santana trade.  They were never going to pay him that money, period.  Still, the Angels probably aren't going to give Hunter that qualifying offer.  That will still be the case whether or not they trade Haren as well.

The Story: Keith Law believes that Brandon Sisk can be a left-handed specialist reliever.

The Monkey Says: He gives a nice scouting report on Sisk for those who are curious about who this otherwise anonymous prospect is.

The Story: A look at the most selective and unselective hitters in baseball.

The Monkey Says: You'll never guess which team has no hitters on the "selective" list and two on the "unselective" list.

The Story: Mike Trout was named a Gold Glover… by Beyond the Box Score writers.

The Monkey Says: Not quite the same thing, but I'll take it.

The Story: A game-worn Arkansas Travelers Mike Trout jersey is up for auction.

The Monkey Says: Bidding is already at $305 which is pretty embarrassing because the "jersey" looks more like a batting practice shirt, and a boring looking one at that.

The Story: MLB Trade Rumors predicts that the Angels will re-sign Zack Greinke and Japanese closer Kyuji Fujikawa.

The Monkey Says: No matter who does it, everyone is wildly wrong when they make free agent predictions.  That doesn't mean it isn't fun to do.

The Story: Kaleb Cowart has been named to the Arizona Fall League Rising Stars Game.

The Monkey Says: Even though the AFL is basically a prospect showcase league, they still feel the need to have a prospect showcase game.  Sure, why not?

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