Halo Headlines: Scioscia considering batting Wells second, Hawkins and Isringhausen taking Walden under their wings, Scioscia’s camp assignments have begun

The March 2nd, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Scioscia considering batting Wells second, Walden being tutored by Hawkins and Isringhausen, Scioscia’s famous camp assignments have begun and much more…

The Story: Mike Scioscia is still considering his lineup option, including batting Vernon Wells in the two-hole.

The Monkey Says: Flying Spaghetti Monster no!!!  It makes absolutely no sense to bat Wells second.  Yes, having protection might help him, but it won’t transform him and would leave a player with a .323 OBP batting in front of the best hitter alive, which is a total waste.  The scary part about this is that Scioscia might actually go through with it due to his unfailing faith in veterans.  And it isn’t like we haven’t seen this before.

The Story: Hawkins and Isringhausen are taking Jordan Walden under their respective wings.

The Monkey Says: I don’t think it is a good sign that Isringhausen has been on the team for just one week and he is already calling Waldo “high strung.”  If he can sense that from Jordan during training camp, imagine what Jordan must be like during a game.

The Story: Scioscia’s traditional training camp assignments have begun.

The Monkey Says: Shopping for toys?  Boooooring.  Needs more ostrich.

The Story: Jeff Mathis’ memory (and bats) haunted Angels photo day.

The Monkey Says: I am starting to think Jeff Mathis might be Michael Myers.  You just can’t kill him no matter what you do.

The Story: Ranking all the MLB broadcasters with the Angels crew coming in at #11.

The Monkey Says: I literally can’t describe Rojas and Gubicza any better than the comments selected for the article.

The Story: Who will be the ace of the Angels staff in 2012?

The Monkey Says: The answer doesn’t matter because designating an ace is totally arbitrary.  Also, the answer is Weaver.

The Story: The Angels are finding out that Albert Pujols is all business when he is on the field.

The Monkey Says: This is not a shock.  Pujols has the charisma and sense of humor of a rock.  Still, he is great example to the younger players.  My only concern that this team was already pretty tightly wound to begin with and having his all-business attitude in the forefront all the time may only make that worse.

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