Halo Headlines: Angels in deep trade talks for Shields, Halos looking at lefty relievers, Josh Johnson scouted by the Angels

The July 25th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including the Angels in deep talks on a James Shields trade, Halos showing interest in lefty relievers Mijares and Rzepczynski, Josh Johnson scouted by Angels and much more…

The Story: The Angels have had deep discussions about a James Shields for Peter Bourjos, Hank Conger and maybe Ervin Santana deal.

The Monkey Says: This may have died on the table by the time this posts.  This deal is very complicated as their is monetary considerations involved in addition to the possible inclusion of Santana.  Based on that, I consider this deal unlikely because if it is already considered complicated and already been in the news for this long, history suggests it isn’t going to come to fruition.  If it does, this would be an interesting deal since the Angels would get a pitcher under contract through 2014 but also a guy whose performance is volatile.  To some, that is not worth giving up an asset like Bourjos.  Expect a divisive set or reactiosn should this go down.  With all that said, the details of this suggest to me that the Angels are shying away from rental pitchers like Greinke and Hamels, so expect them to look to other pitchers with long-term deals after Shields.  Also, the fact that the Angels might be getting money in the deal might indicate that they are unable to take on much salary this season and possibly beyond.

The Story: The Halos have shown interest in left-handed relievers Jose Mijares and Marc Rzepcyzynski.

The Monkey Says: Once again, these are non-rental players.  Personally, I’d prefer Mijares since he would be the cheapest though Rzepczynski does have more upside, but I also really don’t want to have to type his name all the time.

The Story: Marlins ace Josh Johnson could be high on the Angels priority list since they had a special assignment scout watch him the other night.

The Monkey Says: Johnson would be more attractive than Shields since he can be one of the best pitchers in baseball when he is right, but he is also still working his way back into form after shoulder surgery last season.  That obviously makes him a major injury risk, but he is under contract through next season so he is a non-rental, but also not a huge long-term financial risk.  The question is how much would the Marlins want for him?  They got a very nice haul for Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante, so it is not out of the question that they could drive a hard bargain and ask for Garrett Richards at a minimum and possibly even demand Bourjos as well.

The Story: A look at what to expect from Jean Segura now that he has been called up.

The Monkey Says: As he showed last night, he probably isn’t quite big league-ready yet.  Still, he could be a very nice player and possibly even an All-Star if he proves to be a quality shortstop and his power develops all the way.  Odds are he won’t be an Angel when that happens, though the idea of having him take Maicer Izturis’ role next season isn’t out of the question if the Angels end up not trading him.

The Story: DUMB IDEA: Ervin Santana should learn to throw a screwball.

The Monkey Says: Great idea, have a pitcher with a history of elbow problems throw a pitch that is infamously bad for your elbow.  And let’s not overlook the fact that it takes years to develop a quality off-speed pitch.  That idea is so bad that I almost overlooked the idea to hire three pitching coaches, because what could possibly screw up a pitcher more than for him to be receiving conflicting advice from three different people.

The Story: Vernon Wells will return to Anaheim to be “re-evaluated” and most likely activated.

The Monkey Says: For those of you in the “trade Bourjos” camp, just remember

The Story: Kevin Jepsen stinks!  Except for July.

The Monkey Says: True, Jepsen has not been the unholy nightmare most expected this month.  However, given his career-long track record of inconsistency, I’m still not at a point where seeing him enter the game doesn’t make my ulcer flare up.  I’m going to need a few more months of similar performance before I will even consider trusting him again.

The Story: Jerome Williams is accepting of his new role in the bullpen.

The Monkey Says: He has the right attitude, but I still don’t see him being a valuable reliever.

The Story: Crowdsourcing a contract extension for Mike Trout.

The Monkey Says: I wrote about this a few months ago and suggested something along the lines of $60 million covering this year and out through the first three years of free agency.  Folks were suggesting much higher figures, but I think comparing to similar deals like that of Evan Longoria, a $60 million offer could actually get it done.

The Story: Why not Hank Conger as the Angels’ catcher of the future?

The Monkey Says: Because Mike Scioscia hates his defense, that’s why not.  Do you really think he has a future with this organization when he is being kept in the minors in favor of the totally inept John Hester?  Sorry, Conger could be the catcher of the future for some team, but it won’t be the Angels.

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